Life after Death?
Life after Death?

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Benjamin . . .
Benjamin . . . "a ravenous wolf" (January 2005) View as Adobe PDF
Genesis 49 contains Jacob's prophecy of his descendants' traits and circumstances in the end time. He likens Benjamites to voracious wolves, while Moses in Deuteronomy 33:12 calls Benjamin "beloved of the Lord." What can we learn from this tribe of two extremes?

Who Do We Think We Are?
Who Do We Think We Are? (February 2005) View as Adobe PDF
Like citizens of any country, Americans have an image of themselves as a nation: They consider themselves to be patriotic, moral, free, self-reliant, and open-hearted people. But is this true? Has this national identity been invented -- like Uncle Sam -- or was it created by God?

Counting Pentecost in 2005
Counting Pentecost in 2005 (March-April 2005) View as Adobe PDF
Unlike most other years, 2005 contains an anomaly in the counting of Pentecost due to Passover falling on a weekly Sabbath. The debate centers around which day should be used to begin the count—the Passover itself or the Last Day of Unleavened Bread. Will you be keeping Pentecost on the correct day this year?

Introducing Revelation
Introducing Revelation (May 2005) View as Adobe PDF
The apostle John was exiled on the Mediterranean Isle of Patmos when God gave him the visions of the Day of the Lord recorded in the book of Revelation. Its first chapter provides vital information to assist us in understanding Christ's revelation of events and attitudes beginning to happen in our day!

A Pope for Europe
A Pope for Europe (June 2005) View as Adobe PDF
Vatican Secretary of State Angelo Cardinal Sodano kisses the ring of Pope Benedict XVI as he leads his inaugural Mass in St. Peter's Square. The new Catholic pontiff, deeply concerned about the state of Christianity in Europe, has already outlined ambitious goals to combat the scourge of relativism and to re-evangelize the Continent. How much can he accomplish?

Weeping for the Children Who Are Not
Weeping for the Children Who Are Not (July 2005) View as Adobe PDF
A mother weeps for those who have died in her village, yet millions more children will never have a chance to live due to changing attitudes about reproduction across the globe. Populations are falling dramatically around the world—to the point that many nations will face severe crises in the next generation. What does God think about this?

Power (August 2005) View as Adobe PDF
Perhaps nothing else on earth—with the exception of a volcano in full eruption—impresses us more in terms of sheer power than a major hurricane. Man is essentially powerless against a hurricane's force of wind, rain, and storm surge. Even so, man has his own powers, and as Christians, we receive power from God to do an effective work for Him.

Our Spiritual Marathon of Hope
Our Spiritual Marathon of Hope (September-October 2005) View as Adobe PDF
Between April and August 1980, amputee Terry Fox ran his amazing Marathon of Hope. As Christians, we are engaged in our own spiritual marathon, a lifelong process of overcoming and growth that builds character and ends as victors in the Kingdom of God. How is our pace?

France Burns . . . Where Next?
France Burns . . . Where Next? (November 2005) View as Adobe PDF
A car, set afire by young Muslim rioters, burns behind police in a Paris suburb on November 3, 2005. France's recent violence—erupting along the fault line between traditional European culture and Islamic culture—could easily spread to other nations of Europe, as similar conditions exist. Will Europe be able to find a solution to this volatile situation?

Are You Teachable?
Are You Teachable? (December 2005) View as Adobe PDF
Although Christianity's basic principles are quickly understood by most people, a Christian spends his entire converted lifetime learning a new way of life--God's way. How much we learn and put into practice depend upon whether we allow ourselves to be taught. Are we teachable?

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