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The Awesome Cost of Love
The Awesome Cost of Love (January-February 2010) View as Adobe PDF
Hundreds of sheep mill about, waiting to be examined by agricultural officials. Such a large flock, however, pales in number compared to the countless animals sacrificed down through the centuries to picture the ultimate Sacrifice, that of our Savior, Jesus Christ. This is only one of the heavy costs in lives that were given to help us understand and appreciate God's mercy and love for us, significant points to contemplate during the Passover season.

Mark Those Who Sigh and Cry
Mark Those Who Sigh and Cry (March-April 2010) View as Adobe PDF
Ezekiel 9 contains a prophecy in which the prophet witnesses in vision an angel going through the city of Jerusalem and marking all those "who sigh and cry over all the abominations that are done within it" (verse 4). God is still looking for those who are grieved and disturbed by the mounting evils in society. Are we among them?

The Harvesting of the Firstfruits
The Harvesting of the Firstfruits (May-June 2010) View as Adobe PDF
From ancient times, wheat has been harvested by cutting the grain and tying the stalks into sheaves, then standing the sheaves in shocks in the field to ripen fully and dry. Afterward, when the grain was ready to fall from the husks, it was taken to be threshed and winnowed. This process may be more like the spiritual harvest of God's firstfruits than we may have previously thought.

Timing Is Everything!
Timing Is Everything! (July-August 2010) View as Adobe PDF
An oriole adds vibrant color to a flowering tree. Like many birds, orioles migrate long distances each spring and fall, following food sources and temperate climates. Missing the time to migrate--even by a day or two--could spell disaster for whole flocks. Timing is important to men and God as well--and at times, just as critical.

Babes in Christ
Babes in Christ (September-October 2010) View as Adobe PDF
In several places in Scripture, newly converted Christians are compared to newborn babies--sometimes positively, as desirig the pure milk of God's Word, and sometimes negatively, as consumed by fleshly desires. They are also shown as babes who are expected to grow into complete, mature Christians. This imagery springs from Jesus' born-again teaching in John 3.

"Take My Yoke Upon You" (November-December 2010) View as Adobe PDF
These oxen, yoked to pull a cart or a plow, must work together, and it is the yoke that allows them to do this in the most efficient manner. The Bible uses the metaphor of a yoke to illustrate several ideas, but the most significant concerns taking Christ's own yoke upon ourselves. Instead of implying a burden, taking His yoke suggests ease and rest.

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