Of Goals and Gales

Forerunner, "Prophecy Watch," September 1992

The brevity of this month's column lends itself to explaining its purpose and goals. We hope to put at ease those who may think we cry, "'Look here! or 'Look there!'" (Luke 17:23).

Our aim is not to say, "This event fulfills the prophecy in . . ." That would be presumptuous. If this were done, some would accuse us of setting dates or leading people astray.

But we do have a direct command from Christ to "Watch!" (Mark 13:37). Yet, we watch so many things that we may miss significant events and trends. In comes Prophecy Watch to the rescue!

The column will highlight areas to watch that the Bible says will be active. Last month's column focused on fire and famine. However, the examples cited are only types of more astounding fulfillments of those prophecies still future.

But if an event occurs that directly fulfills prophecy, we will not fail to report it. We aim to be the first to bring proof of fulfilled prophecy. This column may have many opportunities to do this!

For instance hurricane Andrew has just devastated southern Florida and Louisiana. Do windstorms occur in prophecy?

The prophets use storm as evidence of God's judgment (Isaiah 29:6; Jeremiah 41:11-13; Ezekiel 38:22). The plagues of Egypt, types of end-time plagues, feature a windstorm (Exodus 9:18-34). Ezekiel warns of flooding rain when Israel's leaders cover her sins (Ezekiel 13:9-14).

Andrew may not directly fulfill prophecy, but it did strike areas near two large cites, demolishing cash crops such as sugar cane and tropical fruits during a slow economic recovery. It may have been just another hurricane, but it may also have been just another blow to weaken Manasseh further for the times ahead.

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