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Cheating In School

Richard Ritenbaugh discusses the deplorable practice wherein wealthy families have, for over a decade now, collaborated with compromised college test administrators and coaches in order to bypass entrance procedures at some major American universities, including some Ivy League ones. Dishonest 'consultants' arranged to have SAT scores 'corrected,' catapulting deficient PSAT scores into above-adequate SAT results. Some 'consultants' frequently declared examinees to have "learning disability handicaps." In short, some parents will engage in unethical, even felonious practices, in order to position their offspring to enter privileged places within the 'establishment.' Many people will do anything to be with the "in-crowd." Today, following Christ is far from being cool, but in the fullness of time, God's Called-out Ones, holding to God's integrity, will be the genuine Establishment.
From "Richard T. Ritenbaugh"


Harvard University Uncovers DNA Switch That Controls Genes for Whole-Body Regeneration
Humans may one day have the ability to regrow limbs after scientists at Harvard University uncovered the DNA switch that controls genes for whole-body regeneration.
From "Yahoo/The Telegraph"

Click to Copyhttps://apnews.com/ce9e1d267af149dab40e3e5391254530 Related Topics Ap Top News Religion International News Immigration New Zealand Shootings Prayer Terrorist Attacks Asia Pacific Mosque Shootings Kill 49; White Racist Claims Responsibility
At least 49 people were killed in mass shootings at two mosques full of worshippers attending Friday prayers in an attack broadcast in horrifying, live video by an immigrant-hating white nationalist wielding at least two rifles.
From "Associated Press"

Facebook, Youtube and Twitter Struggle to Deal With New Zealand Shooting Video
Facebook, YouTube and Twitter are struggling to halt the spread of horrific footage that appears to show a massacre at a mosque in New Zealand as it was taking place. Dozens of people were killed Friday in shootings at two mosques in the city of Christchurch. One of the shooters appears to have livestreamed the attack on Facebook (FB). The disturbing video, which has not been verified by CNN, ran for nearly 17 minutes and purportedly shows the gunman walking into a mosque and opening fire.
From "CNN"

Students Around the World Skip Class to Demand Action on Climate
Tens of thousands of students worldwide are skipping class on Friday to take to the streets in protest at their governments' failure to take sufficient action against global warming. The coordinated "school strikes", being held from the South Pacific to the edge of the Arctic Circle, were inspired by 16-year-old Swedish activist Greta Thunberg, who began holding solitary demonstrations outside the Swedish parliament last year.
From "France24"


'Parliament No Longer Represents the People': May Loses Control of Own Motion Hijacked by Hardline Remainers
Brexiteers have reacted with anger after the House of Commons voted to stop the UK leaving the EU without a deal, whilst the Tory Party is in disarray after Prime Minister Theresa May lost control of her own motion.
From "Breitbart"

Nerves Fray, Tempers Flare as Venezuela Blackout Hits Fourth Day
Authorities have managed to provide only patchy access to power since the outage began on Thursday in what President Nicolas Maduro called an act of U.S.-backed sabotage, but critics insist it is the result of incompetence and corruption.
From "News.Trust.org (Reuters)"

Canadian Court Ruling: Opposing Child's Transgenderism Is Committing Family Violence
And don't think this isn't beginning to happen in the United States. Late last year a Texas father who objected to his ex-wife pushing their 6-year-old son into identifying as a girl is in danger of losing custody of the child after he was accused of "abusive behavior." This "abusive behavior" was described as "non-affirming actions" such as cutting the son's hair short and not wanting him to wear a dress.
From "Prophecy News Watch"


May Heads for Defeat in Brexit Vote
Prime Minister Theresa May was heading for defeat on Tuesday on her plans to leave the European Union as sceptical members of her own party appeared ready to defy her warning that Britain might not leave the EU at all if they voted against her.
From "Reuters"

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