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Most Common Antidepressant Barely Helps Improve Depression Symptoms, 'Shocking' Trial Finds
Its authors said they were "shocked and surprised" by the results, and called for the development of new classes of medication. However, in the absence of better drugs, they do not want current prescribing practice to be changed because the trial also showed sertraline is effective in reducing anxiety, which often accompanies depression.
From "The Telegraph"

Imelda's Devastating Rains Overwhelm Southeastern Texas, Cause Record-Setting Flooding
The slow-moving tropical system's torrential rain caused a devastating scene Wednesday into Thursday that was reminiscent of Hurricane Harvey's deluge just two years ago. The flooding prompted hundreds of water rescues as well as more than 1,000 calls for assistance.
From "Accuweather"

U.s., Canada Have Lost 3 Billion Birds Since 1970. Scientists Say 'Nature Is Unraveling.'
"They're rare in Connecticut now. They're rare in many places," said Marra, now an ecologist who is the director of the Georgetown Environment Initiative. "It's an empty feeling in your stomach that these same birds that you grew up with just aren't there anymore." Scientists like Marra have long known that birds were in trouble, having watched their favorite species fade from view. But he said they didn't understand the scale of the crisis — until now.
From "NBC News"


Weakened Netanyah's Offer for Unity Government Rebuffed by Rival Gantz
Israel's weakened Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu saw his offer on Thursday for a coalition with his strongest political rival, Benny Gantz, swiftly rebuffed after failing to secure a governing majority in a tight election.
From "Reuters"

Can You Get Cancer From Tap Water? New Study Says Even 'Safe' Drinking Water Poses Risk
A new report from an environmental advocacy watchdog group cautions that carcinogenic products in tap water may altogether increase cancer risk for thousands of U.S. residents over a lifetime.
From "USA Today"


'They Videoed His Death': After a Brawl, Teenagers Gawked as a Boy Lay Dying
But most of the 50 or so teenagers in Oceanside, N.Y., who either took part in the fight or witnessed it made no attempt to defend him. In fact, some stood by recording the fight and his suffering on their cellphones, the police said. The victim, Khaseen Morris, died at the hospital.
From "MSN/The New York Times"

Read This Before Using Facial-Recognition Technology or Fingerprint Scanning
"Every technological necessity exists in the real world and is used commercially," Sinnreich said. "It just hasn't all been integrated into one biometric-payment method yet because it would creep people out." He said it's Silicon Valley's end game: "It's the neoliberal takeover of the human body."
From "MarketWatch"


America's Wealth Hinges on Its Ability to Borrow Big - or Else
The U.S. will need to continue to borrow. The IMF projects America's government debt to average 109% of GDP over the next five years. Reserves, having averaged $425 billion between 2014 and 2018, would account for less than 2% of the projected $22.2 trillion GDP for 2020.
From "Yahoo/Bloomberg"

Millennials Stressed From Tech and Social Media Overload
Americans work longer hours and have more stress related illnesses than other countries. Stress can affect your thoughts, your behaviour and your health. Almost four out of five (78%) of respondents believe that life is more stressful today than for previous generations.
From "ZD Net"

Revealed: Catastrophic Effects of Working as a Facebook Moderator
Such private chats, of which "90% are sexual", were "violating and creepy", one moderator said. "You understand something more about this sort of dystopic society we are building every day," he added. "We have rich white men from Europe, from the US, writing to children from the Philippines ... they try to get sexual photos in exchange for $10 or $20."
From "The Guardian"

Senate Chairman Worried 'Real Id' Will Shock Air Travelers
A post-9/11 law designed to keep people from using fake IDs to board airplanes is one year away from taking effect, but the chairman of the Senate Commerce, Science and Transportation Committee worries that it's destined to create "Y2K-type disruption" at the nation's airports in October 2020.
From "The Chicago Tribune"

Saudi Attacks Underscore Evolving Drone Threat, Experts Say
An attack on Saudi oil facilities at the weekend has exposed the vulnerability of the kingdom to drone strikes and underscores how traditional air defences can be breached by new low-cost technology, experts say.
From "Yahoo/AFP"


Destroying America From Within (Part Two)

John Ritenbaugh, drawing a parallel between God's confusion of languages at the Tower of Babel and the current political division in the United States, maintains that God seems to be allowing Satan to brainwash 'progressive,' God-hating leaders and judges with the goal of snuffing out all traces of God and His Laws from American culture. God prepared the North American continent, and other areas, to be an inheritance for Jacob's offspring, and has carefully divided the lands of the sons of Adam, setting boundaries, intending that Jacob's offspring would provide moral leadership to the entire world. Sadly, Jacob's offspring have plunged into apostasy. The nominal Christian churches, by despising God's Law, are part of the problem rather than the solution, enabling and fostering this apostasy rather than crushing it. Recently, "Christians Against Nationalism," part of the Baptist Joint Committee, a group founded in 1936 but defunded and disavowed by the Southern Baptist Convention in 1991, promulgated a set of "Interfaith Principles," advancing that people of any religion can worship Christ. Such ecumenicalism is loathsome to God, as it forms the heart and core of syncretism, the mixing of paganism with true religion.
From "John W. Ritenbaugh"

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