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Iranian Mp Announces $3 Million Award for 'Whoever Kills Trump' - Isna
"On behalf of people of Kerman province, we will pay 3 million dollar award in cash to whoever kills Trump," Ahmad Hamzeh told parliamentarians, according to ISNA.
From "Reuters"

Trump Third Year Sets New Standard for Party Polarization
The fact that the 10 most polarized years have all occurred in the past 16 years — affecting both Democratic and Republican presidents — underscores how politically polarized the nation has become. There have always been partisan gaps in ratings of president, just not to the degree seen over the past two decades.
From "Gallup"

Guggenheim Says Central Bank-Driven 'Ponzi Scheme' Must Collapse
"We will reach a tipping point when investors will awake to the rising tide of defaults and downgrades," he wrote in a letter from the World Economic Forum meeting. "The timing is hard to predict, but this reminds me a lot of the lead-up to the 2001 and 2002 recession."
From "Bloomberg/Quint"

French Workers Cut Power to World's Largest Food Market in Pension Protest
The deliberate sabotage of power supplies underlines the growing determination of France's left-wing unions to resort to wildcat action, after a wave of strikes and street protests since early December failed to force Macron to back down on his overhaul of the pension system.
From "Reuters"

Us Border Authorities See Spike in Unaccompanied Minors From Mexico
In the San Diego Sector, across the border from Tijuana, there has been a 40 percent increase in the number of unaccompanied Mexican children trying to cross the border alone and undetected, during the first quarter of this fiscal year compared to the previous quarter, according to the U.S. Border Patrol.
From "The San Diego Union-Tribune"

As Virus Spreads, Anxiety Rises in China and Overseas
Face masks sold out and officials at airports and train stations checked passengers for fevers as China on Tuesday sought to control the outbreak of a new virus that has reached four other countries and territories and threatens to spread further during the Lunar New Year travel rush.
From "Associated Press"


Christians Beheaded for Christmas, the West Goes Back to Sleep
The day after Christians were beheaded in Nigeria, Pope Francis admonished Western society. About beheaded Christians? No. "Put down your phones, talk during meals", the Pope said. He did not speak a single word about the horrific execution of his Christian brothers and sisters. A few days before that, Pope Francis hung a cross encircled by a life jacket in memory of migrants who lost their lives in the Mediterranean Sea. Last September, the Pope unveiled a monument to migrants in St. Peter's Square, but he did not commemorate the lives of Christians killed by Islamic extremists with even a mention.
From "Gatestone Institute"


The Remaking of America

Mark Schindler, reflecting that Joseph's rise to power resulted from God's plan of extracting 1/5th of Egypt's wealth, funneling it into the hands of the Pharaoh, posits that the frightening accumulation of wealth by globalist leftist progressives (George Soros, Levi Strauss, Bill Gates, Mark Zuckerberg, Jeff Bezos and others) may be part of God's overall purpose to bring modern Israel to its knees in national repentance. In his June 2010 book, Fortunes of Change: The rise of the Liberal Rich and the Remaking of America, David Callahan predicts that the new wave of millionaires and billionaires, rejecting conservative and religious values of their elders, have embraced progressive values of multiculturalism, homosexual rights, open borders, climate change and collectivism. Because progressive liberal philosophy has controlled higher education for decades, Millennials have been brainwashed into embracing Marxist socialism. Sadly, gullible young people have embraced the radical leftist 'progressive' positions of AOC, Greta Thunberg, and Bernie Sanders. Hollywood, Silicon Valley, and the film industry (indebted to Communist Chinese funding) have been funneling cash into the far-left Democrat party. America's future is threatened with extinction unless a hand from somewhere intervenes. Even though a perfect storm of godless, liberal secularism is brewing in the monetary plans of the wealthy elite, tilting far more liberal by the day, the sovereign God, who knows the end from the beginning, can make everything fall into His divine purpose. As God's called-out ones (whose citizenship is registered in Heaven), we need to take solace that although Satan's plans may temporarily appear to gain ascendency, that God Almighty has the final say in the destiny of Israel.
From "Mark Schindler"


7 Major Earth Changes That Are Happening Right Now That Everyone Needs to Know About
There has never been a time in modern human history when our planet has been changing as rapidly as it is changing right now. The sun is behaving very strangely, freakishly cold weather is breaking out all over the world, ocean temperatures continue to rise, volcanoes all over the globe are shooting ash miles into the air, Australia is experiencing the worst wildfires that they have ever seen, and the north magnetic pole has been moving at a pace that is deeply alarming scientists. Could it be possible that all of this bizarre activity is leading up to some sort of a crescendo?
From "The Economic Collapse Blog (Michael Snyder)"


The Display of the Future Might Be in Your Contact Lens
If you're looking straight ahead while wearing the lens, you won't see anything visually disrupting. But peek to a corner in any direction and you'll see icons pop up, ranging from a calendar, weather, notifications, music playback, and more. Stare at the arrow next to these icons to expand them even further to see more details, like a three-day forecast for example, or all your calendar events for the day. It took me about a minute to figure out how to navigate the interface; it could all change at any moment, but it's promising to see just how simple it is to use.
From "Wired"

More Police Officers Died by Suicides Than on Duty in 2019, Advocacy Group Says
In 2019, 228 police officers died by suicide, and 132 were killed in the line of duty. In comparison with 2018, duty deaths for police officers decreased 20% while suicides increased 35 percent, according to Blue H.E.L.P., which says it is the only group in the country tracking law enforcement suicides.
From "The Reading Eagle"

Almost 40% of the World's Countries Will Witness Civil Unrest in 2020, Research Claims
Almost a quarter of the world's countries witnessed a surge in protest and unrest last year and that figure is set to rise further in 2020, according to a new study. There are 195 countries in the world, if the Vatican and Palestine are included, and a newly released index of civil unrest has claimed that 47 of those states witnessed a rise in civil unrest in 2019.
From "CNBC"

Warning to Parents: New Disney Cartoon Teaches Kids How to Be Witches, Using a Demon to Do So
It's called "The Owl House" and is set to premiere on January 10th on the Disney Channel. Here is the link to the show's trailer if you're inclined to watch it. The show tries to portray witchcraft as a positive tool to fight evil. That's similar to what real-life witches have been promoting over the past few years as they've been putting hexes on President Trump and others in order to fight for their beliefs.
From "CBN News"

Scientists Use Stem Cells From Frogs to Build First Living Robots
"These are entirely new lifeforms. They have never before existed on Earth," said Michael Levin, the director of the Allen Discovery Center at Tufts University in Medford, Massachusetts. "They are living, programmable organisms."
From "The Guardian"

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