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From "Martin G. Collins"


Ut Makes Student Reflect on 'Masculinity' as Punishment
In addition to placing him on disciplinary probation for the fall 2018 semester and forbidding him from having further contact with his accuser, Zamora sentenced the student to "watch the film 'The Mask You Live In'...and write a reflection paper" on "your definition of masculinity and how it has been informed." He was also told to "identify gender role stereotypes/concepts and how [these] have impacted your relationship with women," and to "define your idea of 'healthy masculinity' and describe what active steps you can take today to encourage healthy attitudes around masculinity at all levels of society."
From "Campus Reform"


America's New Romance With Socialism
Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders proved during the course of his surprisingly effective 2016 presidential campaign that "socialist" was no longer a dirty word for American liberals. For those who have grown up in the three decades since the fall of the Berlin Wall, the reality of what that term has actually meant during the 20th century is as remote to them as the collapse of the Roman Empire.
From "Prophecy News Watch/"

Creative Worship Services Going Too Far?
Church services featuring creative spectacles of light and sound, fog machines, pop music and aerial gymnasts have sparked debate across the country. Supporters claim that such spectacles serve to glorify God and appeal to a younger generation that craves sensory stimulation. Critics worry that these theatrics have replaced genuine worship and sound theological doctrine while confusing the purpose of the Church with that of an amusement park, just to fill the pews.
From "Prophecy News Watch"

Thanos Did Nothing Wrong? the Population Control Debate
There really are global elitists that consider "human overpopulation" to be a "plague" on the planet that needs to be dealt with. They are truly convinced that climate change is the number one threat that the globe is facing, and they have identified human population growth as the primary driver of climate change.
From "Prophecy News Watch/End of The American Dream"

Non-Citizens Legally Register to Vote in San Francisco School Elections
San Francisco began registering non-citizens, including undocumented immigrants, to register to vote Monday in the November election for the city school board, reported The San Francisco Chronicle.
From "The Sacramento Bee"

'Boy or Girl?' Parents Raising 'Theybies' Let Kids Decide
Parents in the U.S. are increasingly raising children outside traditional gender norms — allowing boys and girls to play with the same toys and wear the same clothes — though experts say this is happening mostly in progressive, well-to-do enclaves. But what makes this "gender-open" style of parenting stand out, and even controversial in some circles, is that the parents do not reveal the sex of their children to anyone — including the children themselves.
From "NBC News"


The $247 Trillion Global Debt Bomb
Here's where the trade war and debt may intersect disastrously. Since 2003, global debt has soared. As a share of the world economy (gross domestic product), the increase went from 248 percent of GDP to 318 percent. In the first quarter of 2018 alone, global debt rose by a huge $8 trillion. The figures include all major countries and most types of debt: consumer, business and government.
From "The Washington Post"

Chicago May Become Largest City in U.S. to Try Universal Basic Income
Pawar thinks that one way to battle racial resentment is to address the economic precarity that politicians have used to stoke it. He has decided to endorse the universal basic income — an idea that has been picking up steam across the world...I'm in The UBI is based on a simple premise: People don't have enough money to provide for their essential needs, so why not just give them more? UBI schemes entail giving a standard cash grant to everyone — regardless of need.
From "The Intercept"


The Vicissitudes of Old Age

John Ritenbaugh, reflecting on his memory of a local legend in his youth, an 85-year-old woman named Mother Barker, who frequently walked several miles, doggedly sacrificing for her family by toting groceries and provisions, makes several observations about the vicissitudes of aging. The inexperienced young and the wiser senior look at the adage, "life is a fleeting vapor," quite differently. In the stream of life, we begin at the back of the pack, influenced by those who have blazed the trail and who have experienced varied adventures. Eventually, we likely assume a position as the most aged of our community, realizing that "old age is not for sissies" and that the cause-and-effect principle behind God's Laws guarantees that, both spiritually and spiritually, everything matters. The indiscretions we committed in our youth have the invariable tendency to whip our hind ends. Even when God forgives our sins, the piper will demand his fee.
From "John W. Ritenbaugh"

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