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Stress Can Literally Shrink Your Brain, Study Finds
The study, published in the journal Neurology, comes after researchers studied 2,231 middle-aged participants in the famous Framingham Heart Study. In addition to finding a correlation between high levels of the stress hormone cortisol and memory impairment, the researchers also found via MRI scans that those with heightened cortisol had decreased brain volume.
From "Study Finds"

Death on Demand: Has Euthanasia Gone Too Far?
The fact that you are a person means that you are linked to other people. And we have found a bearable way of severing that link, not by a natural death, but by a self-willed ending. It's a very special thing."
From "The Guardian"


Survey: Americans Spend Nearly Half Their Waking Hours Looking at Screens
More specifically, the survey found that 42% of the time Americans are awake, their eyes are fixated on a television, smartphone, computer, tablet, or other device. Supposing the average American slept eight hours a night (not even close to the case for most adults), the researchers calculated that people spend about six hours and 43 minutes a day staring at a screen. Over a typical lifespan, that's 7,956 days.
From "StudyFinds"


A Federal Judge Blocked the Trump Administration From Asking About Citizenship in the 2020 Census. the Case Will Likely Reach the Supreme Court.
Total population figures will be used to reapportion seats in the House of Representatives in 2021, so the contours of Congress, the Electoral College and thousands of state and local political districts could be affected. Because noncitizens tend to live in places that disproportionately vote Democratic, undercounting them in the census would be likely to shift federal spending and political power to Republican areas.
From "The New York Times"

Los Angeles Teachers Are on Strike, Leaving 600,000 Students in Limbo
Under a relentless cold drizzle, 32,000 Los Angeles educators walked off the job Monday in the country's second-biggest school district. That means about 600,000 kids have no idea when they'll see their teachers again.
From "CNN"

Google Under Fire for 'Pray Away the Gay' App in the Play Store
The app, created by US Christian group Living Hope Ministries, advises young lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender teenagers and adults to become heterosexual through prayer and therapy. The app also offers Bible study-style guidance.
From "The Telegraph"

What New Lifeway Research Survey Says About Why Young Adults Are Dropping Out of C
"There is a substantial amount of people in this age demographic who for whatever reason decided that the church is no longer integral to building their faith or their faith is no longer integral to them," Brooks said.
From "The Tennessean"

Get Out: Deputies Go Door-To-Door to Evacuate Malibu
Los Angeles County sheriff's deputies will go door-to-door Tuesday to tell residents they should get out before the next round of rain hits Southern California. Heavy rainfall sent mud and debris into the lanes of Pacific Coast Highway, causing it to be closed for several hours.
From "CBSLocal Los Angeles"

No. of No-Show Airport Security Screeners Soars in Shutdown
"It's chaos out here," passenger Vincent Smith said as he stood in a line that snaked through the Atlanta airport's atrium and baggage claim areas. "This line, I've been here about 15 minutes and it has moved 2 feet."
From "Associated Press"

'At Any Cost': China Warns Us Navy Over Taiwan
A senior Chinese military official warned the US Navy Tuesday against any "interference" in support of Taiwan's independence, saying that Beijing would defend its claim to the island "at any cost".
From "France24"


Bolsonaro Signs Law Excusing Jewish Students From Exams, Classes on Sabbath
Only a matter of days after taking office, Brazil's new president enacted legislation that will permit students to be absent on any date, in which according to their religious beliefs the exercise of activities is prohibited.
From "Breaking Israel News"

Data: White American Births Below Replacement Level in Every State
The United States birth rate remains well below the replacement level needed as white American births plummet in all 50 states and the District of Colombia.
From "Breitbart"


No Children, No Hope For the Future

Martin Collins posits that the relatively large number of childless European leaders serve as an emblem of the curse of barrenness which has fallen on Western civilization. Total fertility declines are evident throughout Europe, dropping precipitously from four children per couple in 1950 to two (or lower) in 2018. The total fertility rate today is below the number required to maintain a growing population (replacing individuals who die) without adopting a public policy of immigration. In the case of Europe, this immigration involves the importation of people who do not share European languages, culture or values. The result is to place Europe in a struggle to maintain its cultural identity. Sadly, Western civilization, especially that part of it represented by Israel, has embraced narcissism, abortion, homosexual unions, and pedophilia, in effect begging Almighty God to impose a curse of barrenness. Western civilization has chosen death rather than life (Deuteronomy 30:15-19, Isaiah 46:7-11).
From "Martin G. Collins"

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