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LGBT Activists Slam New York Covid-19 Field Hospital - Because It's Run by Christians
Hoylman, who is gay, responded by telling NBC News that it is "a shame that the federal government has left us in the position of having to accept charity from such bigots. This health crisis is too delicate to leave to televangelists, purveyors of faith, to handle our medical needs." City Council Speaker Corey Johnson joined Hoylman's condemnation, stating that it is "extremely disturbing" that Samaritan's Purse has been permitted to set up a field hospital and warning that he will be "monitoring the situation closely and making sure our city's values are being represented at all times." Mayor Bill de Blasio told the media that he was "very concerned" about the values of Samaritan's Purse.
From "Life Site News"

Coronavirus Pandemic Leads to Shunning and Shaming in Small Towns
The shunning and shaming of Mr. Zordani and his family is happening across the country, but it is felt most acutely in smaller cities and towns where anonymity is rare and people still hope to avoid the worst of the coronavirus pandemic. These virus vigilantes reflect the social strains on communities as the shutdown isolates neighbors and raises suspicion and fear.
From "The Wall Street Journal"

A 'Liberty' Rebellion in Idaho Threatens to Undermine Coronavirus Orders
The meeting, which appeared to violate orders by Gov. Brad Little of Idaho to avoid group gatherings, was an assertion of what Mr. Bundy said was a constitutional right to peacefully assemble. But Mr. Bundy said he also hoped to create a network of people ready to come to the aid of those facing closure of their businesses or other interference from the government as a result of the coronavirus outbreak.
From "DNYUZ"

Vice Vice Baby
Housebound and bored, people appear to be drinking more booze, toking more weed, watching more porn and smoking more butts. These behaviours may alleviate the monotony of short-term lockdown stress but store up costs for the future.
From "Reuters Breaking Views"


What's the Endgame?

Richard Ritenbaugh reflects on the sad state of the world today, one-third of whose people are enduring some measure of quarantine. The 'experts,' supported by a fear-mongering media, have generated a level of fear which is unwarranted by the statistics. Victor Davis Hansen reports that California, the first state to be economically "shut down" by concerns over the virus, has experienced a death rate from the virus that is statistically insignificant. Statistically, about 704 people die daily in California; the virus has increased that number, on average, by only four deaths per day. The over-reaction of some politicians leads to the conclusion that they are playing politics with this crisis. Throughout history, most of Israel's leaders have been dishonorable individuals. Today is no exception. 'Progressive' leaders will do virtually anything to use this crisis to consolidate their power and further their agenda. Sadly, the real devastating crisis to modern Israel may occur after the Coronavirus runs its course and over-reacting politicians have seriously damaged the economy.
From "Richard T. Ritenbaugh"


Dangerous Trend: Media Blaming Evangelicals for Spreading Covid-19
New York City (another hot spot) Mayor Bill de Blasio has already warned pastors to shut down their houses of worship - or else. The mayor said the police department, fire department and building inspectors "will force congregations to disperse if they are found holding worship services this week. Any congregation that refuses to comply with the mayor's order, could face fines or have their buildings permanently closed. Such orders are reinforcing the public consciousness that Christians are in part to blame for the rapid spread by refusing to stop meeting at church.
From "Prophecy News Watch"

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