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The Only Path to Reconcliation

Mark Schindler, reminding us that the purpose of the weekly commentary is not to promote any political agenda, but only to help us watch for minefields , helping us to steer clear of toxic world views, reminds us that God is not liberal or conservative, socialist or capitalist, globalist or nationalist. Recently, Focus Group analyst Frank Luntz reported to George Stephanopoulos, that Americans have become hopelessly and irreconcilably divided along fractured and hate- erupting political fissures, threatening to permanently destroy the last remaining shreds of civility and decency in our culture. A poignant example of this bitter vitriol is the chasm that has widened between two formerly close friends, George Will and William Bennett. Will, characterizing himself as an amiable Atheist has vilified Vice President Pence as being an insincere sycophant for supporting President Trump. A charter member of the never- Trump- movement, George Will, by launching salvos of poly-syllabic name-calling has made him the darling of the left-wing cable news outlets CNN and MSNBC. Bennett, a former colleague and friend of the cantankerous George Will counteracts his venomous attacks on Vice President Pence, suggesting that Will's only purpose is to denigrate men who are making the nation better. Meanwhile, the fissures of conflict deepen, and deadly molten hatred erupts to the surface. We are living in a world where truth is in short supply. God's people should avoid being drawn into these secular political conflicts because resolution and reconciliation is only available through yielding to Jesus Christ, something worldly leaders will never do.
From "Mark Schindler"


Public High School Yearbook Has Lavish Two-Page Islam Presentation Entitled "allah Akbar"
These pages on Islam are in the Rancho Cucamonga High School yearbook as a testament to how successful Islamic advocacy groups and their Leftist allies have been in deflecting attention away from the reality of jihad terror and portraying Muslims in the U.S., however spuriously, as a victim group needing special consideration and accommodation.
From "Freedom Outpost"

Look at What's Going to Happen to Sweden's Fabled Welfare State
Sweden needs to accelerate the speed of automation, increase employment and reform its welfare state, Wallenskog said. Otherwise "we won't have enough people to continue working the way we do."
From "Bloomberg"

Why One-Third of American Working-Age Men Could Be Displaced by Robots
It could be even worse for some parts of the population, West argued. The rate for unemployment of young male African Americans, for instance, is likely to reach 50% by 2050. "That, my friends, is a catastrophe," West said.
From "MarketWatch"

Baby Bust: Fertility Is Declining the Most Among Minority Women
The United States just hit a 40-year low in its fertility rate, according to numbers just released by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. The 2017 provisional estimate of fertility for the entire U.S. indicates about 3.85 million births in 2017 and a total fertility rate of about 1.76 births per women. These are low numbers: births were as high as 4.31 million in 2007, and the total fertility rate was 2.08 kids back then. The United States has experienced a remarkable slump in fertility over the last several years, as I've explained elsewhere.
From "Institute For Family Studies"


Turkey Urges Islamic World to Unite Against Israel, Calls Summit
Turkey has urged Islamic countries to review their ties with Israel after dozens of Palestinians were killed by Israeli fire on the Gaza border. "Islamic countries should without fail review their relations with Israel," Premier Yildirim said, adding, "The Islamic world should move as one, with one voice, against this massacre."
From "Press TV"


Major Depression Diagnoses up 33 Percent Since 2013, Study Finds
Physicians noted that the increasing use of electronics and social media may be playing a major role in the growing number of depression cases, especially in younger patients. "Increased use of electronics, video games more commonly in boys and social media/texting more commonly in girls, can lead to increased conflict both within the home and with peers," Dr. Karyn Horowitz explained.
From "CBS Pittsburgh"


Tens of Thousands Protest on Gaza Border, 37 Dead in Clashes
Gaza City (Palestinian Territories) (AFP) - Palestinians followed through with their vow to protest massively along the Gaza border Monday with tens of thousands demonstrating and 37 killed by Israeli fire as clashes erupted over the controversial inauguration of the US embassy in Jerusalem. The death toll made it the deadliest day in the Israeli-Palestinian conflict since the 2014 Gaza war.
From "Yahoo/AFP"

19 Lava Outbreaks, a Jungle Ablaze and a Hawaii Volcano Still Poised to Explode
And now the volcano itself appears ready to explode, although the damage is expected to radiate only about 12 miles from the crater, leaving Hilo untouched. That's little comfort for the evacuees and their community who each day see the lava flow farther from the volcano toward the ocean, setting the thick jungle ablaze and covering roads with rapidly solidifying rock more than 10 feet thick. From roadblocks several miles from the flows, visitors can hear the lava roar and thunder as it boils to the Earth's surface. "A lot of people are scared," said Tiana Dunn, who helped organize a community supply depot for evacuees in Pahoa. "People are still a bit sad and in disbelief."
From "USA Today"

Bloody Monday: Israeli Snipers Kill Scores of Palestinians and Wound 2,400 and Fire Teargas at 35,000 Protesters Rallying Against the Us Embassy Opening in Jerusalem
US moving embassy from Tel Aviv today after Trump recognised Jerusalem as Israel's capital in December. Israeli snipers have killed scores of protesters near the Gaza border with more than two thousand injured.
From "The Daily Mail"

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