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The Patience of God (21-Feb-20)
by Ronny H. Graham
Patience is sometimes misunderstood. Many think that it is just sitting and waiting, but exercising patience takes work and sometimes great self-control.
Divine Providence (Part Two) (14-Feb-20)
by Mike Fuhrer
God's care for us goes well beyond fulfilling our basic physical needs. He is far more interested in providing those things that aid us in our spiritual walk.
Divine Providence (Part One) (07-Feb-20)
by Mike Fuhrer
God's providence is a subject that few people, even in God’s church, have a full grasp on. Most look on it too narrowly, but we must consider it carefully.
A City on a Hill (Part Two) (31-Jan-20)
by John Reiss
We may never be featured in a museum, receive a Medal of Honor, or be the subject of a movie, but we can still be outstanding examples with our own lives.
A City on a Hill (Part One) (24-Jan-20)
by John Reiss
The eyes of the world are on those who seek to be God's servants. Consider these stories of people whose inspiring examples serve as witnesses to God's character.
The Elijah Syndrome (Part Three) (17-Jan-20)
by David C. Grabbe
We can draw several lessons from Elijah, particularly his belief that he was the only one left whom God could use. God is always doing more than we are aware.
The Elijah Syndrome (Part Two) (10-Jan-20)
by David C. Grabbe
God taught Elijah that He is not in excessive displays of power or showy miracles when a voice will suffice.
The Elijah Syndrome (Part One) (03-Jan-20)
by David C. Grabbe
Though God worked through Elijah in ways that are almost without comparison, God also left a record of a low point in the prophet's life as a lesson for us.
The Widow and the Fatherless (Part Four) (27-Dec-19)
by Mike Ford
What are some more tangible ways to help the widow, the fatherless, and the stranger? These points would help anyone, but keep in mind those we are focusing on.
The Widow and the Fatherless (Part Three) (20-Dec-19)
by Mike Ford
God fills the first 15 verses of Isaiah 1 with a laundry list of sins, but He provides only two direct, uncomplicated verses on how to correct the problems.
The Widow and the Fatherless (Part Two) (13-Dec-19)
by Mike Ford
God, through Jeremiah, puts the care of the widows, fatherless, and strangers near the top of the list of things people need to do to reform their ways.
The Widow and the Fatherless (Part One) (06-Dec-19)
by Mike Ford
We can sum up the epistle of James with one verse: 'Pure and undefiled this: to visit orphans and widows..., and to keep oneself unspotted...."
Hannah's Thanksgiving (27-Nov-19)
by Richard T. Ritenbaugh
Hannah gave up the very thing she asked for. Her willingness to give God her most precious possession stands on par with Abraham's renowned sacrifice of Isaac.
Futility, Sovereignty, and Faith (22-Nov-19)
by Levi W. Graham
The Law of Entropy teaches that matter is moving toward disorder. But when we remember God's sovereignty, we can conclude that there is a purpose in this futility.
Put God First (15-Nov-19)
by John Reiss
It is easy to be distracted by things other than prayer, Bible study, and our relationship with God. He rarely zaps us to remind us to study and pray.
Is It Salvational? (Part Three) (08-Nov-19)
by David C. Grabbe
When Jesus returns, many will be prohibited from entering the Kingdom! They think they know Him, yet they are just using Him to make themselves important.
Is It Salvational? (Part Two) (01-Nov-19)
by David C. Grabbe
Simply watching out for the so-called "big sins" suggests that we are not genuinely interested in conforming to God--just in not crossing a major red line.
Is It Salvational? (Part One) (25-Oct-19)
by David C. Grabbe
Whether a matter is salvational is the wrong question. There is a better question and another approach to evaluating matters that will put us on better footing.
Submission (Part Two) (11-Oct-19)
by John Reiss
Those trained in the home to dishonor parents will resist authority on every front, whether civic authorities, supervisors on the job, or teachers in school.
Submission (Part One) (04-Oct-19)
by John Reiss
Regardless of which political party is in power, God counsels His children in Romans 13:1-7 on how to have peace in an anything-but-peaceful world.


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