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'I Will Come Again' (26-Sep-03)
by Richard T. Ritenbaugh
...The date on our calendar is not as important as the day itself. On it is the first autumnal new moon, which in most years marks the holy day called by the Jews Rosh Hashanah. This Hebrew phrase, however, obscures the significance of the day, as it simply means "the beginning of the year"--and the Jews keep it primarily as a New Years' celebration. The Bible calls it "a memorial of blowing of trumpets" (Leviticus 23:24), and thus we call it simply the "Feast of Trumpets." ...
Already Immortal? (19-Sep-03)
by Richard T. Ritenbaugh
"And the serpent said to the woman, "You will not surely die. ...
Sowing and Reaping (12-Sep-03)
by Richard T. Ritenbaugh
Two years ago yesterday, tens of millions of Americans were glued to their televisions, watching the terror and its aftermath in New York City, Washington, DC, and Pennsylvania. ...
America First? (05-Sep-03)
by Richard T. Ritenbaugh
Most of us have heard country singer Lee Greenwood's most famous song, "Proud to Be an American. ...
What Does It Say? (29-Aug-03)
by Martin G. Collins
For weeks now debate has raged over whether the Ten Commandments monument in the Alabama courthouse should be removed. ...
Inured, Calloused, Apathetic (22-Aug-03)
by Richard T. Ritenbaugh
I have always liked words, though they are nothing in themselves but symbols of meanings. ...
Power (15-Aug-03)
by David C. Grabbe
If there is calamity in a city, will not the LORD have done it? (Amos 3:6) ...
Arnold, Messiah? (08-Aug-03)
by Richard T. Ritenbaugh
The big story over the last few days has been the "surprise" candidacy of movie superstar Arnold Schwarzenegger for governor of California. ...
In Defense of Marriage (01-Aug-03)
by Richard T. Ritenbaugh
In the last few weeks, we have witnessed a firestorm of controversy surrounding the institution of marriage. ...
House Rules (25-Jul-03)
by David C. Grabbe
Imagine that you receive a personal summons from a mysterious benefactor. ...
In What Way Have We Wearied Him? (18-Jul-03)
by Martin G. Collins
On a national radio talk show this week, the host interviewed a young man who had written a book at age 17 about ex-President Bill Clinton's immoral influence on America's youth. ...
Intrinsic Governmental Corruption (11-Jul-03)
by Richard T. Ritenbaugh
The "big news" of the past week or so has been the revelation that a major plank in President Bush's reasons for invading Iraq to liberate its citizens from its dictator, Saddam Hussein, was based on a forgery. ...
I'll Tax Your Feet (04-Jul-03)
by Martin G. Collins
A news headline this week reads, "7 States Begin Fiscal Year With No Budget. ...
What Will It Take? (27-Jun-03)
by David C. Grabbe
Yesterday the Supreme Court of the United States of America removed the ban on homosexual sex. ...
Comfort One Another With These Words (20-Jun-03)
by Martin G. Collins
The reality of death is that we can rarely predict when it will occur. Many factors affect longevity—some we have control over and some we do not. ...
Music and Cultural Freefall (13-Jun-03)
by Richard T. Ritenbaugh
Cable television's VH1 published the results of its survey of the "100 Greatest Songs of the Past 25 Years," hailing Nirvana's "Smells Like Teen Spirit" as its number one. ...
Equilibrium (06-Jun-03)
by Richard T. Ritenbaugh
God has endowed His creation with a self-adjusting mechanism that, unless altered by cataclysmic forces, brings things back to a state of equilibrium. ...
Putting Out Flawed Study Practices (30-May-03)
by Richard T. Ritenbaugh
As managing editor of Forerunner magazine, I occasionally receive unsolicited articles from readers who want their work published. ...
Reasons for Optimism (23-May-03)
by Richard T. Ritenbaugh
Are you an optimist or a pessimist? Are you generally up or down? Is your glass half-full or half-empty? Do you believe "all things work together for good" (Romans 8:28) or "all is vanity and grasping for the wind" (Ecclesiastes 2:17)?
Which God Do You Worship? (16-May-03)
by Richard T. Ritenbaugh
In the time when paganism was dominant, people tried to worship all the gods in the pantheon, but usually they had a particular fondness for a certain deity. ...


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