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The Crazy in Christmas (25-Dec-15)
by Ronny H. Graham
Many years ago, while talking to an acquaintance, the subject of Christmas came up. I told him up front, “I don’t celebrate Christmas.” He replied ...
Deceivers and Antichrists (Part Three) (18-Dec-15)
by David C. Grabbe
In II John 7, the apostle John identifies an antichrist as one who denies that Jesus Christ is presently in His followers. ...
Deceivers and Antichrists (Part Two) (11-Dec-15)
by David C. Grabbe
The apostle John gives various descriptions of the antichrist spirit that was prevalent at the end of the first century and continues today. ...
Deceivers and Antichrists (Part One) (04-Dec-15)
by David C. Grabbe
By the time the apostle John penned his gospel and epistles, he had witnessed the ministry of Jesus Christ, the crucifixion, the resurrected Messiah, and the founding of the church of God. ...
Thanksgiving: Honorable Origins (20-Nov-15)
by John O. Reid
Some have questioned Christians keeping Thanksgiving because of information on the Internet. ...
Remembering Our Veterans (13-Nov-15)
by John Reiss
This past Wednesday, Veterans Day, was the 96th anniversary of what was originally known as Armistice Day, proclaimed by President Woodrow Wilson to commemorate the cessation of hostilities ...
Always Check the Context (06-Nov-15)
by Mike Fuhrer
For some inexplicable reason, some mainstream Christians—and even some true ones—will read a verse of Scripture and assume that it applies to them personally. ...
Snapshots (Part Three) (30-Oct-15)
by David C. Grabbe
As the book of Hebrews ends, the author—likely Paul—pens this benediction: "Now may the God of peace who brought up our Lord Jesus from the dead, that great Shepherd of the sheep, ..."
Snapshots (Part Two) (23-Oct-15)
by David C. Grabbe
Time-lapse cinematography—such as a five-minute video clip composed of 100,000 slightly different pictures—is a useful way of understanding how each moment of our lives relates to the overall progression. So even though a present "snapshot" of our lives looks dismal, it cannot reveal what happens next. ...
Snapshots (Part One) (16-Oct-15)
by David C. Grabbe
Some time back, The Weather Channel website featured the creative works of Shawn Reeder, a man who bills himself as a visual artist. Among Reeder’s specialties is time-lapse cinematography, ...
Spirit of Peace (09-Oct-15)
by Gary Montgomery
We live in a world that is always changing. One day things are chaotic, the next day things seem peaceful. Sometimes people are cordial, saying nice things ...
The Price of Atonement (18-Sep-15)
by Richard T. Ritenbaugh
We will soon be observing the Day of Atonement. Like Luke in Acts 27:9, we tend to think of this holy day as “the Fast.” Afflicting our souls by not eating and drinking for the entire 24-hour period ...
Are the Blood Moons Significant? (Part Three) (11-Sep-15)
by David C. Grabbe
While lunar eclipses are not necessarily rare events, what is unusual is for them to occur on God’s holy days. Understanding those days is key to finding the right significance to these blood moons. ...
Are the Blood Moons Significant? (Part Two) (04-Sep-15)
by David C. Grabbe
Last time, we saw that the verses typically referenced regarding the four lunar eclipses—“blood moons”—are actually describing the Sixth Seal of the book of Revelation (Revelation 6:12-14). ...
Are the Blood Moons Significant? (Part One) (28-Aug-15)
by David C. Grabbe
During the last few years, the blood moons phenomena has taken the evangelical world by storm. It is not difficult to understand why ...
Misunderstood Truth (21-Aug-15)
by Mike Fuhrer
Jesus Christ was the most misunderstood man of His time, and not much has changed since. Part of that was intentional. Matthew 13:15 spells out why He spoke in parables: ...
Sons of Thunder (Part Two) (14-Aug-15)
by Ronny H. Graham
Jesus gave surnames only twice to His disciples. To Simon, He gave the surname “Peter,” which means a “stone,” and to the sons of Zebedee, James and John, He gave the surname, or perhaps nickname, Boanerges, which is translated as “Sons of Thunder.” ...
Sons of Thunder (Part One) (07-Aug-15)
by Ronny H. Graham
In Mark 3:16-19, Jesus calls the disciples that were to follow Him throughout His time on earth. Verses 16-17 contain parallel statements: “Simon, to whom He gave the name Peter...
Silence in Heaven (Part Two) (31-Jul-15)
by David C. Grabbe
What is the connection between the prayers that ascend to God and the angel hurling the censer down to earth, initiating the seven trumpets? Further, what sort of prayers would be a pleasing aroma to God at this juncture? ...
Silence in Heaven (Part One) (24-Jul-15)
by David C. Grabbe
As Revelation 5 opens, the apostle John sees a scroll, sealed with seven seals, in the right hand of God. The only One worthy to open the seals is the Lamb of God. . . .


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