Forerunner, September-December 2018

When the staff of life lies broken, when all the bread is gone,
It may be as prophet Amos wrote—not a happy song.
“Awandering they will go out, from sea to sea,” said he.
“From north to east run to and fro; God’s Word you will not see.”

Our God gave His Word of Truth to His people for to glean,
But many choose to seek Him not, nor want Him on their team.
Some ne’er considered Jesus Christ, nor learned to love His truth,
While others left His grace and word to languish in their youth.

If famine falls upon us of “not hearing” of God’s Word,
It will be as from a bumper crop to no truth to be heard.
The Scriptures may not disappear nor verses from the page,
But hope to hear and understand could vanish from the age.

In times of fun and fancy digs, shown off out in the way,
With comfy words well-spoken where “diverse” and “tolerance” play,
Come evil men of subterfuge, deception, lie, and ploy,
With promises of better things—but then all hopes destroy.

Some say, “It couldn’t happen! Who could take our rights away?”
But those who dole and who control give rights to whom they may.
And sadder yet are those in debt and debtors soon to be.
Slave traders will divide their clans as Babylon decrees.

“Perdition” in God’s Word describes ruin, loss, destruction.
Now moms freely kill their babes by “rights of reproduction.”
The warnings we have spurned may soon swoop upon our nation.
That wicked way spirals down to end in tribulation.

The lawless rule; anarchy reigns; they hate God’s way of peace.
Destruction looms ’mid promises of freedoms and relief.
Deceivers still try to confuse the mercy His grace brings,
But who can hide or yet escape God’s day of wrathful things?

A famine of hearing God’s words may start at twilight time,
As when God’s day of truth does end, His light also declines.
We dare not waste of day or light—then only night have we.
Hearing God’s good Word brings men faith. In darkness, who can see?