The primary responsibility of all married women should be the home and family, even if they also have outside jobs. We especially recommend that mothers of young children do not work away from home. Titus 2:4-5 tells us that young women should be taught to be "discreet, chaste, homemakers, good, obedient to their own husbands, that the word of God may not be blasphemed."

Nonetheless, there may be times when the husband is unable to provide adequate support because of illness or other extenuating circumstances. It might then be necessary for the wife to get a job for a time to support the family.

However, the happiness and security that results from a woman being a wife and mother should not be sacrificed for a little extra money and a few material possessions. The principle to bear in mind is that any outside work which would hinder a woman from properly discharging her responsibilities in the home is not worth the monetary gain she may receive in return.