Religious Confusion and You
'Prophecy Watch' Article; Posted 4/1/1994
Nothing is more confused than the state of religion today. God's people can stay above the fray by being firmly grounded in His Word. Included are seven principles of …
What Is Your Calling Worth?
Sermonette; Given 3/27/1994
Richard Ritenbaugh, observing that a college basketball player expecting to be drafted into professional basketball has about the same chance as winning the lottery, …
What Is "Son of God"?
Sermonette; Given 3/12/1994
Richard Ritenbaugh, citing an article in the Charlotte Observer, "Who Do You Say I Am?," containing modern characterizations of Jesus Christ, expresses …
Down But Not Out!
'Prophecy Watch' Article; Posted 3/1/1994
Russia seems like a nation—an empire—in deep decline. But is it? We would be wise to keep an eye on the Russian bear!
The Solid Foundation of God
Sermonette; Given 2/19/1994
We don't all build on the foundation in the same manner, but God will test the quality of work for each of us in order to see if our edifice will stand.
The Road Less Traveled
Article; Posted 2/1/1994
The road that leads to salvation has ditches on either side: legalism and liberalism. God's way perfectly balances and blends law and grace.
1 Peter 3:19
Sermonette; Given 1/29/1994
Richard Ritenbaugh, claiming that the idea of purgatory, Hades, or Hell has a long history, predating Christianity by centuries (a belief that a 'land of the dead' …
Striking a Balance
Sermonette; Given 1/8/1994
Richard Ritenbaugh, asking us to imagine a one lane road which climbs relentlessly uphill with deep ditches on both sides, symbolic of the narrow road on which …
'Prophecy Watch' Article; Posted 1/1/1994
Christ's prophecies of rampant disease are being echoed by experts predicting worldwide pandemics. Epidemics are on the rise, and the world is unprepared.
Is Your Eye Single?
Sermonette; Given 12/18/1993
If our goal is wrong, our entire being will be off. Our first priority is to be loyal to God, casting aside all distractions and other interests.
Elijah's Dose of Reality
Article; Posted 12/1/1993
Sometimes, we get down because we think that all our labors for God have gone unnoticed. Elijah did, and his story points out a major lesson for us all.
David Was Ready
Sermonette; Given 11/27/1993
Richard Ritenbaugh, maintaining that we need to be preparing ourselves for whatever God has prepared us to do in His Kingdom, preparing for an office , but more …
Lessons from Elijah's Work
Sermonette; Given 11/6/1993
Richard Ritenbaugh, asking us if we have ever sacrificed our all to God or God's work, only to find it blowup in our face, focuses on the prophet Elijah, who felt that …
New Name - Same Teaching!
Article; Posted 11/1/1993
In October 1993, the church's magazine took the name Forerunner. This article explains how this name fits the work of the Church of the Great God.
Psalms 90-100
Sermonette; Given 10/16/1993
Richard Ritenbaugh, acknowledging that people refer to the psalms as songs or poetry to comfort them, insists that they are much more than that, providing godly …
Are You Ready for the Rapture?
Sermonette; Given 9/18/1993
Richard Ritenbaugh, claiming the rapture is a biblical teaching, also cautions that the mainline Protestant view is fraught with error, especially in the aspect of …
Post-War Parallels
'Prophecy Watch' Article; Posted 9/1/1993
Political leaders have tried to bring the world together under three different global institutions: the League of Nations, the United Nations and now the New World …
Without Natural Affection
Sermonette; Given 8/21/1993
Richard Ritenbaugh, describing with the help of statistics, the current disintegration of the family through divorce and estrangement, and the violence all over the …
Sermonette; Given 8/7/1993
Like Solomon, we should be asking God for a discerning and understanding heart, capable of judging righteously, which requires knowing God's standards.
What's in a Name?
'Prophecy Watch' Article; Posted 8/1/1993
God uses names very particularly in His Word. Knowing the meaning and identity of certain names can greatly aid our study of Bible prophecy.