Men and Women, Hats and Hair
'Ready Answer' Article; Posted 8/1/1996
Should women wear hats to church? What is the correct hair length for men and women? Paul teaches on these subjects in I Corinthians 11.
As In the Days of Lot
'Prophecy Watch' Article; Posted 7/1/1996
Jesus says the end times will be like the days of Lot in Sodom, meaning that rampant homosexuality is a sign of the end. This worldwide trend is upon us.
Have the Ten Commandments Passed Away?
'Ready Answer' Article; Posted 6/1/1996
Many Protestant denominations teach that God's law is done away, calling it 'the ministry of death.' Butt II Corinthians 3:7 does not support this.
Holy Days: Pentecost
Bible Study (Article); Posted 5/1/1996
The late spring Feast of Pentecost shows the harvest of firstfruits, God's church. It is a continual reminder of our part in God's plan!
The Cross: Christian Banner or Pagan Relic?
Article; Posted 5/1/1996
Is it alright to wear a crucifix? As it turns out, the cross was a pagan worship symbol long before Christ's death, and was never used by the first century church.
Germany Flexes Its Muscles
'Prophecy Watch' Article; Posted 4/1/1996
Germany, predominantly pacifist since WWII, is beginning to show its strength, not only in economic area but also in political and military ones.
Holy Days: Passover
Bible Study (Article); Posted 3/1/1996
Passover may be the most important festival ordained by God. Not only does it memorialize Christ's death, it also symbolizes our redemption and the covenant.
Why We Must Put Out Leaven
Article; Posted 3/1/1996
Why must we put leaven out, yet we do not have to circumcise our baby boys? Is deleavening 'Old Covenant'?
Saved By Faith Alone?
'Ready Answer' Article; Posted 2/1/1996
Protestantism is based on Luther's insistence that Christians are saved by faith alone. But is the really true? It is true of justification, not salvation.
Genesis 1: Fact or Fiction?
Article; Posted 1/1/1996
Many discount the idea that Genesis 1 represents a literal account of Creation. However, a chemist shows how accurate the biblical account really is.
Does Paul Condemn Observing God's Holy Days?
'Ready Answer' Article; Posted 1/1/1996
Galatians 4:9-10 is a favorite crutch of those who claim Christians no longer need to observe God's holy days. However, Paul's meaning is quite different.
What Was the Law 'Added Because of Transgressions'?
'Ready Answer' Article; Posted 12/1/1995
Some think Galatians 3:19 means that God's law has been done away, but critical misunderstandings have led people astray on this verse.
Basic Doctrines: Salvation
Bible Study (Article); Posted 12/1/1995
Are you saved already or are you being saved? What is salvation anyway? What part do we play? Here is a study of God's Word on salvation.
Dead to the Law?
'Ready Answer' Article; Posted 11/1/1995
Romans 7:4 says we are 'dead to the law through ... Christ.' What does this mean? The context shows that it refers to the 'old man' that perished at baptism.
The Great Conspiracy
'Prophecy Watch' Article; Posted 11/1/1995
There really is a conspiracy to bring this world under one government. However, its real, 'behind the scenes' leaders are Satan and his demons.
Basic Doctrines: Eternal Judgment
Bible Study (Article); Posted 9/1/1995
One of God's roles is as Judge, and His judgments are eternally binding. But what does this mean? Who is judged? How? When? For what?
The Duality of Prophecy
'Prophecy Watch' Article; Posted 8/1/1995
If we really want to understand prophecy, we must understand that many prophecies have a type and an antitype, a former fulfillment and a latter one.
Are the Sabbath and Holy Days Done Away?
'Ready Answer' Article; Posted 7/1/1995
In order to justify not keeping the Sabbath, many use Colossians 2:16-17 as proof that Paul did not command it. Here is what they are overlooking.
Basic Doctrines: The Fate of the Wicked
Bible Study (Article); Posted 7/1/1995
For centuries, preachers have scared churchgoers with the image of a fiery hell where sinners spend eternity. But is such a place or state biblical?
Was God's Law Nailed to the Cross?
'Ready Answer' Article; Posted 6/1/1995
Many use Colossians 2:14 to 'prove' God's law is done away, but is this really what Paul means? Examining the whole counsel of God reveals Paul's intent.