Praying Always (Part Six)
Article; Posted 4/18/2008
Jesus' command to pray always contains the advice Christians need to strengthen their relationships with God as the return of Christ nears.
Praying Always (Part Five)
Article; Posted 3/13/2008
Deeply examining ourselves for flaws and shortcomings, as we do each year before Passover, helps us to accomplish Christ's command to watch and pray always.
Praying Always (Part Four)
Article; Posted 2/4/2008
How does 'praying always' work? Why is consistent, thoughtful prayer such a powerful tool in the process of overcoming?
Praying Always (Part Three)
Article; Posted 1/14/2008
Our spiritual enemies are no match for the mighty power of prayer, backed by God who promises to aid us in our warfare.
Praying Always (Part Two)
Article; Posted 11/16/2007
In Luke 21:36, our Savior gives us two essential keys to being accounted worthy and escaping the terrors of the close of the age: watching and praying always.
Praying Always (Part One)
Article; Posted 8/16/2007
Luke 21:36 says to 'Watch and pray always....' Does this refer to watching world events, or is there more to this verse spiritually than meets the eye?
Faith—What Is It?
'Ready Answer' Article; Posted 9/1/2004
Faith is simple in concept; it is believing what God says. Yet it is difficult to display in our lives, and it is often tested. Here is some evidence of faith.
Are We Opening the Door?
'Ready Answer' Article; Posted 3/1/2004
Some know that Christ is at the door, but they will not rouse themselves from their spiritual lethargy to open it.
Faith to Face Our Trials
'Ready Answer' Article; Posted 6/1/2003
Life seems to be one trial after another. However, God has revealed an astounding facet of God's love that should give us the faith to soldier on.