The Need to Escape and Be Rescued
Feast of Tabernacles Sermon; Given 9/22/2021
Martin Collins expounds upon biblical accounts of escape and rescue, including the Exodus, the account of Jacob and Laban, Noah and his family, the miraculous escapes …
Faith and Spiritual Focus
Sermon; Given 9/16/2021
When God’s people afflict themselves with fasting, they immediately become aware of the fragility and the temporariness of the flesh. Our Savior and Redeemer Jesus …
Our Faith is the Victory
Sermon; Given 9/4/2021
While the carnal mindset is hostile to everything in God's word, we have been provided a gift to enable us to overcome: the faith from being born of God.
Facing Times of Stress: Forewarned of Persecution!
Sermon; Given 8/14/2021
Under the best of times, God's people are not immune to persecution. Persecution for righteousness' sake is evidence that God's people have Christ's Spirit.
The Insatiable Seizing
Commentary; Given 7/24/2021
The American family farm has become an endangered institution as business interests purchase parcels of land as investments, driving up prices.
WHAT?! Me Submit to Someone Else?
Sermon; Given 7/10/2021
Submitting is repugnant to the carnal mind. The church is no place for uncompromising people who demand their own way.
God's Non-transmittable Attributes (Part Four): Immutability
Bible Study (Article); Posted 7/6/2021
God Almighty is immutable; He does not change. This character trait allows us to trust and follow Him in hope.
Housing and Property Redistribution
Commentary; Given 6/19/2021
The United Nations Agenda 21 plan recommends the confiscation of private property for the sake of an equitable economic and social system.
Secret Faults and Presumptuous Thoughts
Sermon; Given 6/5/2021
People can mentally 'legalize their iniquities,' in doing so attempting to make God the accomplice of their sins. But He will not overlook blatant faults.
Made Alive by Exceeding Greatness!
Sermon; Given 5/22/2021
God granted humans a limited measure of power and dominion at creation, but not until the Day of Pentecost of 31 AD did their potential become fully operative.
God's Non-Transmittable Attributes (Part Three): Omniscience
Bible Study (Article); Posted 5/18/2021
The apostle John declares in I John 3:20 that God 'knows all things,' confirming the extraordinary greatness of the One we worship.
The Ambiguous Mind
Commentary; Given 5/8/2021
We cannot vacillate between allegiance to the world's standards and God's perfect standards. As one asks for wisdom, one must relinquish doubt.
Gentle and Lowly in Heart
Sermon; Given 4/17/2021
Paul displayed a gentleness not grounded in weakness, but in strength, a gentleness which showed anger, but only at the right time and to the right degree.
Defective Reasoning: Appeal to Authority
Commentary; Given 4/10/2021
We must be wary of placing too much confidence in self-appointed experts—the 'professionals' who rise to the top of every field of endeavor
Conditions for Blessings
Sermonette; Given 4/3/2021
When people test God's promises, they come to appreciate the blessings which follow obedience to His laws. Most of the blessings we receive today are spiritual.
By This We Know Love!
Sermon; Given 3/27/2021
As God's people keep God's law in its spiritual intent, they begin to think like the Father and His Son, both of whom habitually do good.
God's Non-Transmittable Attributes (Part Two): Omnipresence
Bible Study (Article); Posted 3/16/2021
In Psalm 139, David points out God's attribute of omnipresence, that is, His ability to be present everywhere at all times by His Holy Spirit.
Are You Living An Illusion?
Sermon; Given 2/27/2021
Religious narcissists, who identify with the servant who received ten talents, cherry-pick Scripture to enhance their self-love and support their views.
God's Non-Transmittable Attributes (Part One): Omnipotence
Bible Study (Article); Posted 2/7/2021
Among God's many attributes are those that He cannot pass on to others because they define Him. God's attribute of omnipotence defines His power over all.
Reacting to Criticism
Commentary; Given 2/6/2021
All have been guilty of malicious gossip; consequently, they should not become offended when they hear gossip about themselves (Ecclesiastes 7:21).