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Counting Pentecost in 2005 (March-April 2005)

March-April 2005
Volume 14, Number 3

Unlike most other years, 2005 contains an anomaly in the counting of Pentecost due to Passover falling on a weekly Sabbath. The debate centers around which day should be used to begin the count—the Passover itself or the Last Day of Unleavened Bread. Will you be keeping Pentecost on the correct day this year? (PictureQuest/CGG)

Personal from John W. Ritenbaugh
Pentecost, Consistency, and Honesty

In recent years, the count to Pentecost has become contentious, particularly in a year like 2005, in which the Sabbath within the Days of Unleavened Bread falls on the last holy day. John Ritenbaugh explains that, if we are consistent in our counting and honest with the instructions of Scripture, the solution is clear.

Ready Answer
Resurrection AD 31

by Staff

Matthew 27:52 informs us that more than one resurrection occurred during Passover week in AD 31! This article summarizes the types of resurrections that appear in God's Word, and uses this information to provide answers to the many questions that arise about this astounding miracle.

Prophecy Watch
Immigration and the Kingdom of God

by David C. Grabbe

Many of the problems of present-day Europe have their source in the governments' tolerant, multicultural policies regarding immigration. David Grabbe, seeing parallels between immigration and a Christian's entry into God's Kingdom, shows that, unlike Europe, God ensures that all His potential citizens will conform to His culture.

I Am Barabbas
by Staff

To some, Barabbas is nothing more than an interesting detail in the drama of Christ's trial and condemnation. However, his presence during that crucial event contains significant implications for us and our pre-Passover self-examination.

Searching for Israel (Part Eleven):
Manasseh Found

by Charles Whitaker

Jacob's prophetic blessing of the sons of Joseph in Genesis 48 promises that Manasseh will be a great nation. Charles Whitaker provides evidence that points to one nation in today's world being the unmistakable fulfillment of this remarkable end-time prophecy.

Franco-German Divergence

by David C. Grabbe

World news, events, and trends highlighting biblical prophecy for March-April 2005: "Franco-German Divergence"

Bible Study
Parable of the Good Shepherd (Part Two)

by Martin G. Collins

In John 10, Jesus characterizes Himself as a "Good Shepherd" who loves and cares for His sheep. Martin Collins looks deeper into the personal relationship that exists between the Shepherd and His flock, which is shown in His kind and providential leadership of His church.