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Godly Jealousy: A Consuming Fire (September-October 2008)

September-October 2008
Volume 17, Number 5

Deuteronomy 4:24 tells us that "God is a consuming fire, a jealous God." Jealousy, however, is thought by most to be a negative characteristic, related to envy and rivalry. Can jealousy be good? What does God's jealousy mean to the converted child of God? (iStockphoto)

Personal from John W. Ritenbaugh
The Third Commandment

The third commandment seems greatly overshadowed by "bigger" ones like the first, second, and fourth. Yet, despite the common understanding that it merely prohibits profane speech, John Ritenbaugh contends that it is far more—to the point that it regulates the purity and quality of our worship of the great God.

Ready Answer
The Jealousy of God

by Ronny H. Graham

Deuteronomy 4:24 may strike an astute reader as somewhat controversial, if not contradictory. How can our holy and perfect God be jealous? Knowing that the Bible is consistent in its revelation of God, Ronny Graham reasons that since God's Word is not at fault, it is our limited understanding of godly jealousy that must be expanded.

Prophecy Watch
Faithful Until Death

by David C. Grabbe

The biblical city of Smyrna, whose church received one of Christ's seven letters in Revelation 2 and 3, may be one that Bible students know the least about. In explaining Jesus' message to this church, David Grabbe shows how the city's name helps to reveal the themes that the Head of the church wants us to understand as His return nears.

The Sacredness of Marriage
by James Beaubelle

Marriage and progressive forms of "marriage" are in the news a great deal these days. From its earliest chapters, Scripture holds the divinely ordained institution of marriage in high regard. James Beaubelle provides the reasons why God considers marriage to be so important to us, society, and His purpose.

The Rise (Again) of Nations

by Richard T. Ritenbaugh

The last few decades have seen the rise of globalism as a prime factor in international relations. The present economic crisis, along with the changing political scene, is making some nations rethink their globalist tendencies. Richard Ritenbaugh argues that the pendulum may be swinging back toward nationalism.

Bible Study
The Miracles of Jesus Christ:
Healing a Withered Hand (Part Two)

by Martin G. Collins

When Jesus healed the man with the withered hand, He was being closely watched by the Pharisees, yet He did not hesitate to heal on the Sabbath. Martin Collins explains why Jesus' reaction was righteous and the Pharisee's was hypocritical.