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Navigating the Third Wave (January 1999)

January 1999
Volume 8, Number 1

According to the experts, human society experienced two major ages—the Agricultural and the Industrial—and is entering its third, the Information Age. This Third Wave promises to cause major changes in the way humans live. How well will we navigate this Third Wave?  (PhotoDisc Illustration)

Personal from John W. Ritenbaugh
The Beatitudes, Part One:
The Sermon on the Mount

The Sermon on the Mount is as vitally important to us today as it was when Christ preached it. It contains within it the very way we are to conduct our lives as God's representatives on this earth. How well are we following what Christ taught?

Ready Answer
Have You Had Your Manna Today?

by Staff

God provided physical Israel manna to eat every day for forty years. Now we, as spiritual Israel, have the Bible, God's Word, as our daily bread. Are we taking advantage every day of this wonderful blessing God gives us, or are we allowing God's Word to spoil through neglect?

Prophecy Watch
Navigating the Third Wave

by Richard T. Ritenbaugh

Human civilization has experienced two major sociological ages since the beginning of its appearance on the earth. Currently we are in transition to the third age or Third Wave, which has frightening prophetic consequences. However, it's the Fourth Wave, God's soon-coming Kingdom, we need to catch!

How Brave Is Your Heart?
by Staff

Bravery or courage is a character trait Christians need to possess. Many servants of God have had to face severe trials and hardships, and having a brave heart will help us to get through these tough times.


by Staff

News, events and trends as related to Bible prophecy for January 1999.

Bible Study
Basic Doctrines:

by Staff

Repentance is a condition of baptism in God's church and ultimately of conversion and salvation. It is also a lifelong process which we should continue until the day of Christ's return.