Forerunner: Preparing Christians for the Kingdom of God

God and the Environment (February 1999)

February 1999
Volume 8, Number 2

Environmental concerns are a top priority to many people these days, and some environmentalists fell Christians are a chief cause of ecological ruin. Is God concerned with the environment? How should Christians approach environmental issues?  (PhotoDisc Photo)

Personal from John W. Ritenbaugh
The Beatitudes, Part Two:
Poor in Spirit

What is it to be poor in spirit? John Ritenbaugh describes this attribute in its biblical usage. Those who are truly poor in spirit are on the road to true spiritual riches!

Ready Answer
The Enduring Results of Compromise

by Martin G. Collins

Compromise usually begins small and can grow to encompass once strongly held beliefs. Martin Collins uses the story of Solomon to illustrate how this process works.

Prophecy Watch
The Bible and the Environment

by Richard T. Ritenbaugh

Is God an environmentalist? Should Christians care about the ecological health of the earth and its inhabitants, human or otherwise? Richard Ritenbaugh explains the Bible's position on the environmental issue.

Valentine's Day and Real Love
by Staff

Valentine's Day is supposed to foster and advance true love between men and women. Its origins—and its tenuous association with the so-called Saint Valentine—clearly point to something other than true love, the love of God!


by Staff

Current news, events and trends in light of Bible prophecy for February 1999.

Bible Study
Basic Doctrines:
Going On to Perfection

by Staff

Most of our Christian lives will be spent going on to perfection. But what is it? How do we do it? This Bible Study will help explain this broad, yet vital subject.