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Dating the Past (August 2000)

August 2000
Volume 9, Number 8

Archeologists and historians attempt to reconstruct the past from ancient artifacts and writings—an incomplete and often confused record. This had led many scholars to discount the Bible’s basic historical accuracy. Christians should not allow the shifting opinions of chronologists to undermine their faith in God and His faithful Word.  (Corel)

Personal from John W. Ritenbaugh
The Sovereignty of God and Human Responsibility:
Part Eleven

God's sovereignty and free moral agency set up a seeming paradox. John Ritenbaugh shows just how much choice we have under God's sovereign rule.

Ready Answer
Abstinence - Asceticism or Christian Living?

by Martin G. Collins

Some equate abstinence with religious asceticism. Abstinence, however, has a much broader purview. Martin Collins explains that Christians may need to abstain from more than just sinful actions.

Prophecy Watch
The Importance of Dating

by Richard T. Ritenbaugh

Historical dating is not as easy as it may sound. Currently, several chronological systems are vying for predominance among scholars. What impact might this have on our biblical understanding of prophecy?

Quality Holy Day Offerings
by Staff

We tend to forget how different holy days and their offerings were under the Old Covenant as compared to the New. However, the important part of giving offerings remains the same!


by Richard T. Ritenbaugh

World news, trends and events as they apply to Bible prophecy for August 2000

Bible Study
Overcoming (Part 2):

by Staff

Another impediment to overcoming our sins is self-justification. We tend to excuse ourselves for what we do, and this only makes it harder to become like God. He is more interested in our transformation than in how good we feel about ourselves!