Forerunner Magazine (1996)


'You Renew the Face of the Earth' (January 1996)
Genesis 1 gives the biblical account of the creation of the heavens and the earth. Many scientists, however, have discounted this chapter as a scientific summation of the events of the creation week. Does the creation account paint a factual, accurate picture of God's work, or is it just a myth or a nice piece of Hebrew poetry.

Famine of the Word! (February 1996)
The prophet Amos foretells of a time when God's Word will be so scarce that even the most dogged will be unable to find it. The recent history of the church of God has been a time of "famine of the word". What should the church do in such a situation? Should the feeding of the flock or warning the world come first?

Passover and the Lamb of God (March 1996)
In the Old Testament observance of the Passover, an innocent, unblemished lamb was chosen to be the sacrificial victim, representing Israel's redemption from Egyptian slavery. Like this lamb, Jesus Christ gave His life to be our Redeemer, completely fulfilling the type. He is the Lamb of God slain from the foundation of the world.

Escaping the Clutches of This World (April 1996)
The Sphinx stands in silent testimony of the power of ancient Egypt. The children of Israel, slaves of the Pharaohs for over two centuries, escaped their bondage when God crushed Egypt through the plagues. Egypt symbolizes the ungodly world and sin, from which we have been redeemed by the death of our Savior Jesus Christ.

The Harvest of Firstfruits (May 1996)
The late spring holy day of Pentecost falls at the end of the early harvest of grains like wheat. This festival depicts the spiritual harvest of the firstfruits of the children of God! It also commemorates the founding of the church in AD 31 when God sent His Holy Spirit to Christ's disciples in Jerusalem.

The Principle of Increase (June 1996)
One small sunflower seed produces a plant that will grow taller than a man. But that singular sunflower will produce hundreds of sunflower seeds, each capable of reproducing itself many times over! This principle of increase is active spiritually as well, for the fruits of our actions are prone to increase, whether for good or evil.

Atonement: Removing Azazel and Afflicting Our Souls (July 1996)
Under the Levitical priesthood, God commanded a special offering on the Day of Atonemnet. Lots were cast over two goats to determine which goat was to be sacrificed, a type of Christ. With the sins of Israel placed on its head, the other goat, a type of Satan, was led by a "suitable man" into the wilderness. Revelation 20:1-3 shows this will happen after Christ's return.

'You Shall Build the Old Waste Places...' (August 1996)
After Christ returns to the earth to face the armies of man arrayed against Him, one of the first jobs will be to clear away the wreckage of the Tribulation and the Day of the Lord and rebuild the ruins. God's Word promises that the devastation will be replaced by habitation, peace and prosperity.

They WILL Live Again! (September-October 1996)
How many billions of people have lived and died since Adam and Eve? Some estimates run as high as fifty billion! All but one of them, our Savior Jesus Christ, still await the resurrection from the dead. The final festival of the year, the Last Great Day, foreshadows that wonderful time when the graves will be opened, and the dead will live again.

Thanksgiving or Self-Indulgence? (November 1996)
Thanksgiving is a favorite holiday for millions of Americans. It is a day of huge meals, parades, and televised football games. But there is more to this holiday than having a good time! Originally, Thanksgiving was a national day of thanks to God for His providence and deliverence. Is God still a central figure in our Thanksgiving Day celebrations?

Parables and a Pearl (December 1996)
Parables are a powerful teaching tool, and the Parable of the Pearl of Great Price is no exception. Though only two verses in length, it describes God's total commitment and love toward His church. This uncommon interpretation of this parable gives us greater insight into the character of our Godand the value He places on us.