Forerunner Magazine (1998)


'As It Was in the Days of Noah' (January 1998)
Jesus Christ tells us in Luke 17:26 that the time of His return will be "as it was in the days of Noah." What was Noah's day like? As the storm of the end time gathers, what will society be like? How close are we to Christ's return?

The Fruit of the Spirit
The Fruit of the Spirit (February 1998)
Fruit is a biblical symbol of the results of one's actions, whether good or evil. Of course, God wants us to produce the fruit of His Holy Spirit, listed in Galatians 5:22-23. These fruits exhibit the outgoing love and concern for others that is the hallmark of God's character.

Is This What Love Is?
Is This What Love Is? (March 1998)
Many people think of love as nothing more than a warm, sentimental feeling. The love of God, however, transcends emotion. It is the supreme virtue of God's own character and should be the motivation for everything a Christian does.

Christian Dating Today
Christian Dating Today (April 1998)
Once upon a time, it was fairly easy to find a spouse in the church of God. Young people had plenty of activities, summer camp, feasts and college to get to know others of the opposite sex. Now, however, the church is scattered. What does a young man or woman do? How should they pursue dating in these times?

How Can We Find Peace?
How Can We Find Peace? (May 1998)
Ours is not a peaceful world. War, crime, violence, and disaster surround us on every side. Nevertheless, we can have peace, a peace that "surpasses all understanding" (Philippians 4:6-7). This peace is a gift of God, and it can be ours through our relationship with him.

Blessed Is the Man Who Endures Temptation...
Blessed Is the Man Who Endures Temptation... (June 1998)
Life in this world is full of temptations. None of us are exempted from the lure of illicit things and acts. God, however, has called us to a life of avoiding, enduring and overcoming the steady barrage of temptations life throws at us. With His help, we will master temptation and receive his promised rewards.

'Be Kind to One Another...'
'Be Kind to One Another...' (July 1998)
In our bustling, impersonal society, kindness is a rarity, and acts of kindness have a great chance of making the news! This fruit of the Spirit often ripples out to touch the lives of those far removed from the original act. This world could use more godly kindness!

The Innumerable Multitude
The Innumerable Multitude (August 1998)
The apostle John saw a vast crowd of people standing before God's throne. These people—a different group from the 144,000, God's firstfruits—are of every nationality and language. Who makes up this "innumerable multitude"?

Why Do the Wicked Prosper?
Why Do the Wicked Prosper? (September-October 1998)
Why do God's people seem to live so close to diaster while the uncalled blithely prosper? Where is the justice? God's answer is one of patience and trust in Him--as well as hope for a brighter future.

The Road to the Kingdom
The Road to the Kingdom (November 1998)
The Bible frequently uses the imagery of a path or road to describe the life of a Christian. The road to God's Kingdom has been blazed by many before us, especially by "the captain of [our] salvation," Jesus Christ (Hebrews 2:10). Our job is to stay on the trail with God's help.

'By the Sweat of Your Face'
'By the Sweat of Your Face' (December 1998)
"There is no free lunch" is a common saying among us, meaning that we have to work for everything. This comes as a result of the judgment of God on Adam after his and Eve's sin in the Garden of Eden. Yet it is through ourlabors that we grow in character and derive satisfaction in life.