Forerunner Magazine (2016)


Shepherds and Leadership
Shepherds and Leadership (January-February 2016)
The Bible frequently uses the image of a shepherd to illustrate human leadership, both good and bad. It describes, not just religious leaders, but also leaders in government, business, and education, as well as in the community and the home. Self-serving leadership, a primary cause of the fall of Israel and Judah, is evident in today’s Western world.

Invitation to a Royal Wedding
Invitation to a Royal Wedding (March-April 2016)
An invitation to a royal wedding would be among the highest honors a king could bestow on one of his subjects. While this may be beyond all our expectations, this is exactly what God has done for us! His calling of people into the church, the Body of Christ, is an invitation, not just to eternal life, but also to the marriage of His Son to His Bride (Revelation 19:7-9).

Sign of a Fractured World
Sign of a Fractured World (May-June 2016)
The United Kingdom shocked the Western world with its vote in favor of a British exit (Brexit) from the European Union (EU). Though predicted to tank if Brexit succeeded, world financial markets rebounded quickly, and other EU nations are pondering a similar cutting of ties with the EU. Mostly, though, Brexit has revealed just how divided this world has become.

Looking for Hope?
Looking for Hope? (July-August 2016)
The world seems to be dangerously short on hope these days, and as times become increasingly difficult, it will become scarcer still. Yet, hope—a real, powerful hope, not wishful thinking—is always available to us in Christ. If we have faith in Him and the works He has done for us, we will possess a sure, living hope, that will enable us to endure to the end.

The Prisoner
The Prisoner (September-October 2016)
Most of us never end up in jail. None of us would want to go there. But at one time or another, all of us imprison ourselves and others when we lock down our hearts and refuse to forgive one another. Christ came to bring us atonement—reconciliation with God and with each other—and forgiveness is a crucial element in bringing this to pass. When we forgive each other, real freedom becomes possible.

Looking for Israel
Looking for Israel (November-December 2016)
When the term “Israel” is mentioned today, most people think of the modern State of Israel and its predominantly Jewish population. But when the Bible mentions Israel, it is probably not referring to the Jewish state or to Jews in particular. A thorough study of God’s Word on the subject shows that, while Jews may be included, “Israel” most often points the reader to search for the Israelites in a different direction.