Sermon: Zephaniah (Part Two)

God's Wrath on the Whole World

Given 11-Sep-21; 71 minutes

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Sadly, it appears that mankind is entering a modern axial period in which the Pax-American superpower has begun to disintegrate, having lost the war to Islamic terrorism, only to find a deadlier enemy within, namely a leftist, 'progressive' tyrannical, totalitarianism, a deadly variant of Marxist Communism. Jacob's offspring are succumbing to this nightmare rapidly; Australia has become trapped into a prison state. The lockdowns and forced vaccination mandates are far worse in Australia and New Zealand than elsewhere among the lands inhabited by Jacob's offspring. The same horrors will eventually reach Britain and the United States. Zephaniah penned his stir to action prophecy under similar conditions threatening modern Israel. Like the prophet Amos stated, the world-wide punishment (for snubbing God's laws) is an equal opportunity curse but will impact the Israelitish peoples harder because they knew better, having been selected as a covenant people. Israel's enemies, used as a rod of correction by Almighty God, will eventually be destroyed for their overweening pride. Even though the Gentiles will be punished for their sins just like the Israelites, only Israelites had a special relationship with God, and consequently were more accountable to God for their willful neglect of the covenantal relationship (James 3:1). Physical Israel had overturned the crucial tipping point of failure to repent, which perhaps would have kept them hidden from the horrendous day of the Lord. God willing, spiritual Israel (Galatians 6:6) can strive to walk more circumspectly than physical Israel, seeking God, gathering together before the dreadful Day of the Lord, rending their hearts rather than their garments, and seeking God's benevolent protection until His coming.



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