Sermonette: Not a Random Act of Creation!

Scientific and Biblical Proof of God's Design

Given 20-Jun-09; 19 minutes

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Bill Onsick, citing Romans 1:20 and contemplating the annual campout, takes apart the plausibility of the evolutionary hypothesis, torpedoing the fraud that one species evolved into a new species (known as transmutation of species or macro-evolution). The law of conservation of angular momentum disproves the big bang theory. The fact that the world loses momentum each year disproves the notion that it came into existence millions of years ago. The strata with fossils appearing together prove a spontaneous flood. A creation requires the existence of a Creator. DNA is one of the most intricate storage components ever designed. Cariboo have hooves that adapt to the seasons. Emperor Penguins have a constitution to experience severe temperature fluctuations. The polar bear can smell prey 20 miles away. The intricate design implanted in creation demands a Designer. The heavens declare the glory of God.



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