Sermonette: Be Perfect


Given 14-Jun-97; 18 minutes

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In a recent Little League ballgame, parents expressed adulation over their offspring's every action, no matter how trivial, and in which only participation trophies are awarded rather than MVP awards. "Dumbing down" or making everybody average describes this new trend in Little League sports. The trend toward mediocrity has become pervasive throughout public education, too, dumbing down reading and mathematical proficiencies. The same trend has apparently overtaken most organized religion. Rabbi Kushner claims that God knows each of us too well to demand perfection, a view compatible with most Protestant groups. God instructed Abraham to become perfect before making the covenant with him. Christ commanded His disciples to become perfect as well. The Hebrew and Greek words translated perfect carries the meaning of entire, whole without blemish, having reached its end, fully grown, and complete. Being perfect refers to becoming mature in the image of God. Perfection consequently is a process. Growing or overcoming is not easy, but when Christ returns, we don't want just a participation trophy.



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