Sermonette: The Gospel of Jesus' Wife


Given 06-Aug-16; 18 minutes

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Harvard Theology Professor Karen King promoted a forged papyrus scrap, allegedly proving Jesus was married, after being scammed by Walter Fritz. But the salacious, sensational story that Jesus Christ married Mary Magdalene and had children with her has no backing whatsoever. Would-be scholars continually attempt to discredit Jesus Christ's divinity, making Him just as carnal as any of us. These bogus scholars attempt to build a case on discredited, non-canonical texts which have been discarded by serious scholars, including the Gospel of Thomas, the Gospel of Peter, the Gospel of Philip, the Gospel of Mary, all Gnostic 'gospels' appearing on the scene 200 years after the true gospels were established. In actuality, none of these bogus scriptures offered substantiation that Jesus was married either. In all the key events in scripture, including Jesus final instructions to John as He died on the cross, no mention is made of wife or offspring. Even though eight separate articles have made a compelling case for the spuriousness of the "Gospel of Jesus Wife" papyrus fragment, the Dean of the Harvard Divinity School continues to give this bogus manuscript a place of honor, giving a forgery more prominence than God's truth.