Sermonette: Manoah, Father of Samson


Given 09-Mar-19; 22 minutes

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Mike Ford, acknowledging the attacks on 'toxic' masculinity by militant feminists, who characterize men as competitive, lazy, jealous, and dim-witted, takes issue with a Duke University theology professor who has misunderstood the Biblical narrative concerning Manoah, the father of Samson. Many Biblical scholars, shackled by unexamined assumptions, teach that Manoah was dimwitted, lazy, jealous, and faithless. A close reading of the angel appearing to Manoah's wife and Manoah's response proves just the opposite, showing that Manoah was meticulous in his preparation for the birth and the training of Samson. Manoah was one of the few humans permitted to converse with the pre-incarnate Christ. Both times the Angel visited Manoah's wife, she gave honor to her husband, informing him immediately. The contention that he was lazy is based only on assumption, not facts. Manoah means "rest," not lazy or slovenly as some biblical 'scholars' have implied. Further details of the narrative indicate that he was a man who humbly accepted God's will, and who was a godly patriarch of a large and obedient family.