Sermonette: Take the Red Pill

Overcoming Self Absorbtion

Given 03-Aug-19; 20 minutes

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Most of us live our lives unaware that everyone is profoundly self-absorbed, incessantly pampering the "me, me, me, me" obsession. Sadly, the social media has exacerbated this self-absorbed behavior to a higher level than dopamine or cocaine addiction. Each one of God's called-out ones must assiduously guard his heart (Proverbs 4:23) realizing that it is programmed for self-absorption and self-exaltation (Jeremiah 17:9). If we were to consciously monitor our thoughts and social behaviors, we would be appalled about the percentage of our day that we are exclusively wrapped up in ourselves. We must emulate our Elder Brother, esteeming others above ourselves, curbing our irritation and anger (symptoms of self-centeredness), being slow to speak and quick to hear, assuming the role of a servant, and being willing to sacrifice our lives as a drink offering. Likewise, we would be well to imitate the apostle Paul, who realized that only by clinging to the Vine can we deflate our intrinsic self-absorption.