Sermonette: The Branch Of God's Planting


Given 17-Oct-19; 18 minutes

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Grafting has been in existence for over 4,000 years. Three factors are necessary for successful grafting: (1) compatibility, (2) alignment and pressure, and (3) proper care of the joint site. All of God's people have been grafted in from many ethnicities to become the Commonwealth of Spiritual Israel. In this analogy, Christ is the vine and God's called-out ones are the branches, potential heirs of all of God's promises (Isaiah 60:61, John 15:1). If we yield to the grafting by the Vinedresser, maintaining compatibility with the will of the Father, aligning ourselves with Christ, drinking in the sap through daily prayer, Bible study, and meditation, we will become grafted into God's family, transformed as righteous branches bearing the fruit of the Spirit, glorifying our Heavenly Father and Our Jesus Christ (James 1:21).