Sermonette: Zeal


Given 15-Feb-20; 19 minutes

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Jesus, in Matthew 5:20, warns us that our zeal must exceed that of the Pharisees. Zeal involves earnestness in advancing a cause, diligence, persistence, and plowing ahead with great fervor. One of Jesus' disciples, Simon the Zealot, had been a member of the extreme wing of the Pharisees which desired to overthrow Roman hegemony and establish a Hebrew theocracy. King Jehu of Israel moved quickly to destroy Baal worshippers and the enemies of his predecessor, the pagan Ahab. Phinehas staved off God's wrath upon His people by slaying an arrogantly adulterous couple having absolutely no regard for the law of God. David, in Psalm 69, feeling that he is about to go under, expresses immense grief at how God's name has been trampled upon. Today, as Jesus has predicted in the Olivet prophecy, our society has degenerated to a level as low as that of the pre-Flood world. As God's called-out ones, we must zealously sigh and cry over the abominations which surround us.