Sermonette: Right Hand


Given 27-Jun-20; 18 minutes

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A church marquee reads, "Jesus will wash your sins; still wash your hands." The mendacious media and muddled medical community have deliberated exploited the coronavirus situation with the aim of crafting societal division and panic. From the beginning of civilization, shaking hands has represented a warm greeting, good sportsmanship, a symbol of trust, and binding of a contract, things which modern-day substitutes (such as the fist-bump) cannot hope to duplicate. References to hand touching occur over 1,800 times in Scripture, with the right hand often indicating favor (Genesis 48:5-20) and the left disfavor, pathology or so-called progressive political philosophy (Matthew 25:33). Sometimes, the Scriptures cast the left hand in a good light (as "riches and honor" in the left hand, Proverbs 3:16), but far more often, the right hand of God symbolizes His power and favor (Psalm 89:15; 98:1; 108:6-7; 118:15-16, all informed by Deuteronomy 33:2). Jesus Christ's placement at the right hand of God symbolizes His superiority to angels.