Sermonette: Words Without Knowledge

The Words of God are Knowledge!

Given 17-Apr-21; 13 minutes

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Elihu respectfully admonished Job for presumptuously taking God to task for his affliction, instructing Job that his words were without wisdom and insight. Mankind has a myopic view of both creation and life's circumstances. Elihu urges Job to look into the vastness of the heavens rather than remain transfixed on his anxieties and affliction. Peter made the same mistake—and suffered the same consequence—as he, coming to focus on frothing whitecaps instead of upon Jesus Christ, began to sink into doubt and despair. As Job had to learn, God's people must also come to realize that they cannot force God to act because of their righteousness nor can they goad God into rescuing them from their trial. The antidote to fear and anxiety is to develop a fear of God by digesting His Words, the only legitimate source of knowledge. These are the of Jesus Christ, the greatest Teacher who has ever lived, through Whom one can be totally reconciled with God the Father.