Sermonette: A Future of Hope

Learning to Hope as Abraham

Given 14-Aug-21; 13 minutes

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Romans 4:16-17 reveals that the intense hope demonstrated by Abraham, the father of the faithful, was more substantial and profound than the sort of hope expressed in trivial expressions such as "I hope it doesn't rain" or "I hope that item goes on sale." Abraham lived his entire life as a transient sojourner, but he had iron-clad hope based upon specific promises he received from God—and which God reiterated to Isaac and Jacob, his son and grandson respectively. Calling things not yet accomplished as though they were already accomplished, God instilled into Abraham a vision that would sustain him throughout his earthly pilgrimage (Hebrews 13:14) to the ultimate destination. This same vision has the power to sustain God's people presently (Romans 8:18) as they weather the same grueling sanctification process experienced by Abraham, the Old Testament patriarchs and the people of the early church. In the meantime, God's saints should cherish the refinement of their faith into something more valuable than pure gold (I Peter 1:7). Like Abraham, the people of the church, the Israel of God, must wait, hope, and look for God.