The King's Highway

Sermonette by Ronny H. Graham

Ronny Graham, pointing to the beautiful scene on the CGG website of the delightful road with bluebonnets seemingly going on forever on both sides, ruminates about famous roadways, including Roman roads, the Kings Highway linking New England to the Carolinas, and the Interstate Highway system (built in the Eisenhower era and …

Knowing God: Formality and Customs (Part Seven)

Sermon by John W. Ritenbaugh

The way that one lives provides testimony and witness. To witness and endure life's various trials, we must have faith in who and what we are.

Examine and Come Out

Sermon by John W. Ritenbaugh

John Ritenbaugh insists that we must be aware of our awesome status as a unique, called-out, chosen, royal priesthood—teachers of a way of life and builders of bridges between people and God. Because God owns us, we differ from the rest of the people of this earth. We need to seriously think of what we are now (His chosen …