The Rise of the Caliphate

'WorldWatch' by Richard T. Ritenbaugh

The Islamic State, formed in 1999 and commonly known as 'al-Qaeda in Iraq,' is a Sunni Muslim jihadist group with a hardline ideology and global aspirations.

An Islamist Vision

'WorldWatch' by David C. Grabbe

The Gulen Movement is a shadowy Islamic sect and political organization whose aim is to overthrow secularism and return Turkey to its Islamic roots.

Age of Empires

'WorldWatch' by Richard T. Ritenbaugh

The United States used to be the world's superpower and policeman. Today, however, new powers are rising to fill the vacuum created by America's retreat.

Immigration and the Kingdom of God

'Prophecy Watch' by David C. Grabbe

Unlike Europe and the United States, God ensures that all His potential citizens will conform to His culture.