January 23

You Can't Fix Stupid
(Commentary by Clyde Finklea)

Clyde Finklea, alluding to Ron White's quips that "You can't fix stupid" and "You can't make this stuff up," focuses on the first action of Speaker Nancy Pelosi in the United States House of Representatives, a change to the rules of the House banning all terms related to gender and family relationships (such as mother, daughter, father, son etc.), this in view of the more pressing matters concerning the pandemic and other matters of moment. To rub salt into the legislative wound, Representative Cleaver, in a prayer opening the first session of the new Congress, invoked the name of Brahma (the Hindu god with many names) instead of Almighty God, concluding with the adolescent affirmation: "Amen and A-women." Members of the political left currently in power have proven themselves absolute fools in the eyes of God and His called-out saints (Ecclesiastes 10:2-3, Isaiah 3:12).