October 30

Crispr Gene Editing Can Lead to Big Mistakes in Human Embryos
(The Wall Street Journal)
ia University study of Crispr technology found it made unwanted chromosomal changes in human embryos Scientists still don't know a lot about the mechanisms of human embryo development. PHOTO: KRISTYNA WENTZ-GRAFF/ASSOCIATED PRESS By Amy Dockser Marcus Oct. 29, 2020 11:00 am ET PRINT TEXT Scientists using the Crispr gene-editing technology in human embryos to try to repair a gene that causes hereditary blindness found it made unintended and unwanted changes, frequently eliminating an entire chromosome or large sections of it. The study published Thursday in the journal Cell comes as the international scientific community continues to grapple with the potential use of Crispr for editing human embryos that would be intended for creating a pregnancy and birth. Two separate papers published earlier this month indicate that the ethical debate continues over whether and under what circumstances creating genetically modified children could be permissible.

Escape from Paris: City is gridlocked as tens of thousands flee, stations are packed, violent protests break out and shelves are stripped ahead of month-long lockdown that BANS travel
(The Daily Mail)
Thousands of Parisians caused massive traffic jams as they tried to flee the French capital for the country. Huge numbers of locals attempted a mass exodus in a bid to avoid the start of the second national lockdown. Many were enjoying their final night of freedom in France ahead of new lockdown restrictions from Friday. Draconian measures will see people needing documents to show their reasonable excuse for leaving home. Europe has seen rising infections, with France recording 47,637 new infections in 24 hours and 235 deaths.

October 29

France under attack: Jihadist murders three worshippers - including two who were beheaded - INSIDE Nice church + Gunman screaming 'Allahu Akbar' is shot dead by cops in Avignon + French consulate worker is stabbed in Saudi Arabia
(The Daily Mail)
France has been struck by two terror attacks within hours of each other as three people were killed - two of them beheaded - in an attack inside a church in Nice before a gunman was shot dead by police in Avignon. The first attack began around 9am at the Notre Dame basilica in Nice where a knifeman beheaded an elderly female parishioner and a male church warden, fatally stabbed a second woman, wounded several others, and was then shot and arrested by police.

October 28

Will We Be in Lockdown for Christmas? What Celebrations Will Look Like During Covid-19
(The Telegraph)
The rules follow Boris Johnson's previous announcement of lockdown rules following a rapid increase in coronavirus cases in the UK. In addition to the 'rule of six', which bans social gatherings of more than six people, Britons will face new curfews for hospitality venues, stricter face mask requirements and pleas to work from home if possible. But how long is it expected to last?

Turkey Hits at 'Crusades' Against Islam in Cartoons Row With France
(News Trust/Thompson Reuters Foundation)
Turkey's president said on Wednesday that Western countries mocking Islam wanted to "relaunch the Crusades", heightening a confrontation with France over cartoons of the Prophet Mohammad that have stirred anger in Muslim-majority countries. In a speech to lawmakers of his AK Party in parliament, President Tayyip Erdogan said that standing against attacks on the Prophet was "an issue of honour for us", suggesting Ankara may be digging in for a prolonged standoff.

One in Four European Airports Face Insolvency if Travel Fails to Recover
"The figures published today paint a dramatically bleak picture," Director General Olivier Jankovec said in a statement. "Eight months into the crisis all of Europe's airports are burning through cash to remain open, with revenues far from covering the costs of operations."

China's Real Invasion of Taiwan Has Already Started
(The Daily Beast)
Yet Taiwan's economy remains intimately intertwined with mainland China's—and it's precisely this enmeshment that the United Front relies on to force its way into Taiwanese circles, building upon a presence that was first established decades ago.

October 27

30 Officers Injured in Protests After Shooting of Knife-Wielding Man by Philadelphia Police
(ABC News)
At least 30 police officers have been injured and 33 people have been arrested as protests continued overnight in Philadelphia over the shooting death of a Black man by police in West Philadelphia on Monday afternoon.

Trump Says Sudan to Be Removed From Terrorism List
(Associated Press)
The move would open the door for the African country to get international loans and aid needed to revive its battered economy and rescue the country's transition to democracy. The announcement, just two weeks ahead of the U.S. presidential election, also comes as the Trump administration works to get other Arab countries, such as Sudan, to join the United Arab Emirates and Bahrain's recent recognition of Israel.

Men and Women Have Never Been More Politically Divided
In 2009, for the first time in history, there were more unmarried women in the United States than married ones. And today, young women in the U.S. aren't just unprecedentedly single; they also appear to be unprecedentedly uninterested in heterosexuality: According to private polling shared with Intelligencer by Democratic data scientist David Shor, roughly 30 percent of American women under 25 identify as LGBT; for women over 60, that figure is less than 5 percent.

Demonised for Defending Cartoons of the Prophet: President Macron Is Portrayed as the Devil as Iran and Saudi Arabia Wade Into Blasphemy Row and Protests Break Out in Bangladesh
(The Daily Mail)
Protests against Macron are spreading across Islamic countries after he defended cartoons of Mohammed. Tens of thousands of people took to the streets of Dhaka, Bangladesh, branding him a 'devil-worshipper.' Iranian newspaper depicted Macron as the Devil, as ambassador in Tehran was summoned in protest. Bangladeshis joined calls to boycott French products, which is already underway in Jordan, Kuwait and Qatar.

Wave of Anti-Lockdown Protests Sweeps Across Europe: Thousands of Furious Demonstrators Clash With Police in Cities in Italy and Spain as They Urge Their Governments to Abandon New Restrictions on Their Freedom
(The Daily Mail)
Protests erupted across Europe last night as thousands of angry demonstrators called on their governments to reconsider a second-round of lockdown restrictions. In Italy, violence was reported in at least two major northern cities, Milan and Turin, as vast crowds protested freedom-limiting restrictions enforced to tackle a second surge in coronavirus cases.

October 26

Spain Announces New State of Emergency as Covid Infections Soar
(News Trust/Thompson Reuters Foundation)
Spanish Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez announced a new state of emergency on Sunday in an effort to curb soaring coronavirus infections, imposing local nighttime curfews and banning travel between regions in some cases. The measures go into force from Sunday night and will require all regions except the Canary Islands to impose a nighttime curfew and limit the number of people allowed to meet to six.

In Gettysburg, Trump Supporters Clash With Black Lives Matter Protesters as Election Nears
(The Washington Post)
But the divisions on display in Gettysburg are emblematic of tensions gripping Pennsylvania and the nation as the presidential election approaches. Disputes over race, social justice, identity and Americans' understanding of their own history have played out here in vivid fashion, with Black Lives Matter demonstrators facing off against counterprotesters toting AR-15 rifles in plain view of the diners at the Blue and Gray Bar & Grill.

Military, Police in Washington State Prepare for Possible Civil Unrest After Election
(The Seattle Times)
As tension builds toward Election Day, law enforcement officials in Washington and elsewhere are preparing for the prospect that this year's long, hot summer of unrest won't end on Nov. 3, regardless of who wins the presidency.

October 24

Cash No Longer King?
(Commentary by Bill Onisick)

Bill Onisick, addressing the concerns of some that cryptocurrency (Bitcoin, et al.) promoted by PayPal and other platforms may lead one to inadvertently accept the Mark of the Beast (Revelation 13:16-18), assures God's people that technological progress does not equate with Satan's rebellious attitude, which is the real mark of the beast. Instead of stuffing their mattresses with potentially worthless cash, God's people should focus on maintaining allegiance to God, storing up spiritual treasure.

October 23

College-Age Americans Face Permanent Hit With Few Job Prospects
The unemployment rate for young people age 20 to 24 was 12.5% in September, the highest among adults. Joblessness for them peaked at nearly 26% at the height of the pandemic in April — quadruple the level two months earlier — a bigger jump than in any previous recession back to the 1940.

Us Embassy in Turkey Warns About Potential Terrorist Threats, Kidnappings of Americans in Istanbul
(The Hill)
"The U.S. Mission in Turkey has received credible reports of potential terrorist attacks and kidnappings against U.S. citizens and foreign nationals in Istanbul, including against the U.S. Consulate General, as well as potentially other locations in Turkey," an alert from the State Department said.

Americans Are Frantically Buying Military Gear Before the Election
Conflict is on America's streets in 2020, and "tactical apparel" has become a lifestyle industry serving militarized law-enforcement agents and the freelance gunmen who emulate them. Less than two weeks before Election Day, orders are rolling in. Since last year, online purchases have driven a 20-fold jump in sales of goods like the $220 CM-6M gas mask — resistant to bean-bag rounds — for Mira Safety of Austin, Texas.

Trump, Biden Lawyer Up, Brace for White House Legal Battle
(Associated Press)
President Donald Trump's and Democratic rival Joe Biden's campaigns are assembling armies of powerful lawyers for the possibility that the race for the White House is decided not at the ballot box but in court. They have been engaging in a lawyer's version of tabletop war games, churning out draft pleadings, briefs and memos to cover scenarios that read like the stuff of a law school hypothetical more than a real-life case in a democracy.

Turkey Is the Next Iran
(Prophecy News Watch/JNS.org)
The danger he poses to American interests is clear, and it's hard to understand why President Trump accepts his outrageous behavior. The damage he has done to NATO hurts the United States, too. Weakening European society through radicalized Muslim citizens and a flood of refugees also hurts Europe's ability to stand up to Russia and bolsters their already-strong tendency for pacification. Erdoğan's battle against the Kurds hurts the United States' trusted allies in Syrian and Iraq and sends a message to local forces that the Americans cannot be depended upon. We also need to add the threats the Muslim Brotherhood—with Erdoğan's encouragement—poses to pro-American governments in Egypt, Saudi Arabia, the Persian Gulf and Jordan, and his hostile policy toward Israel. Nor does the United States want Turkish hegemony in the Mediterranean Sea.

Americans Expect Chaotic Months Ahead - Over Half Preparing to Stockpile
(Prophecy News Watch/The Economic Collapse Blog (Michael Snyder))
There was a time when preppers were relentlessly mocked, but nobody is laughing now. Today, most Americans are thinking about stockpiling food, and this massive shift in our national mindset has been sparked by concern about what is going to happen in the months ahead. Many Americans believe that another wave of the coronavirus pandemic is coming, others believe that our ongoing economic depression will get even deeper, and yet others are convinced that the upcoming election could produce widespread violence.