God's unconditional promise to Abraham, confirmed by Jesus Christ, included both grace and race: spiritual salvation and eternal life by grace through Jesus Christ, and national greatness and prosperity to the descendants of Abraham. His descendants, the progeny of Jacob (Israel), have grown into great nations in these latter days. God promised David his throne would always exist, and Christ would occupy that throne when He returns. Since it must exist continuously on earth, the only extant throne that matches God's promise among all the modern nations resides in Great Britain. The twelve families of ancient Israel are today scattered in northwestern Europe, the state of Israel and the English-speaking nations of America and the British Commonwealth. Joseph and Judah have historically been the dominant tribes. Though knowledge of Israel's identity is not essential to salvation, it nonetheless provides a much clearer understanding of biblical prophecy. It in no way implies racial superiority, but on the contrary, imposes greater responsibility.

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