Life after Death?
Life after Death?

Our Beliefs: Laws and Commandments of God

The laws of God are written expressions of the character, mind and will of God for His people. They appear in both Old and New Testaments, teaching how to love and worship God, love fellow man and prepare for eternal life in the Family of God. They cover both physical actions and spiritual motivations. The Ten Commandments were given directly by God Himself, codified by Moses and magnified and ratified by Jesus Christ. A perfect spiritual law, they are always in force whether or not a person is aware of them. Obedience to them brings blessings; disobedience brings curses. To transgress them is to sin and incur the death penalty. Keeping God's law, thus showing one's submission to the government of God, is a condition for eternal life.

Scripture References:
Psalm 19:7-11;   Romans 7:7-12, 14;   Exodus 20:1-17;   Psalm 119:172;   John 15:14;   I John 2:2-3; 5:2-3;   Matthew 22:36-40;   Isaiah 42:21;   Matthew 5:17-32; 19:17;   Deuteronomy 30:15-20; 28:1-15;   I John 3:4;   Revelation 22:14;  

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