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God Alone Can See

God's Master Plan

Sermonette; #FT03-13s; 20 minutes
Given 18-Oct-03

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Mark Schindler, reflecting on his father's funeral service on October 5, 1996—occurring on the Last Great Day—explains how he was able to reveal God's plan to mankind to nearly 400 Roman Catholics assembled at this memorial service. God apparently opened a door of opportunity to reveal this outline to grieving people who had never heard this message of hope. This message of God's plan for mankind has generally been clouded for most people who have been enslaved by the Babylonian system. We who have been enlightened by our special calling must look at the big picture as God does, coming out of Babylon and allowing God's Holy Spirit to fashion us into a God's family, by following the way of give example lived by our Elder Brother. This day depicts a time when we will help bring billions of human beings into God's family.



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