The Zero-Sum Game
Commentary; Given 7/17/2021
Despite the often wrong-headed propaganda promoted by the mainstream media, voices of common sense and logic occasionally manage to ascend to power.
We Give Our Heads and Hearts
Sermon; Given 7/3/2021
God's people (as ambassadors and pilgrims) must pledge their hearts, minds, and allegiance to the coming Kingdom of God, which will last forever.
Proper Memorials and the Right Spirit
Sermon; Given 5/29/2021
Caleb and Joshua withstood the fearmongering tactics of the ten faithless spies by calling to mind the providence God had shown toward Israel.
Real Comprehensive Communication
Sermonette; Given 5/23/2021
Only by activating the power of God's Spirit can God's people enjoy quality communication with God, giving them vast insight into the purposes of God.
Lest We Forget
Commentary; Given 5/15/2021
Ronald Reagan warned that America's freedoms and informed patriotism are extremely fragile and will not last if they are not taught to each generation.
Grace, Mercy, and Favor (Part Four): Favor to Live as God Lives
Sermon; Given 4/10/2021
We earn God's favor by obedience; there is a direct tie between submission to His will and His favor. The more one submits, the more favor and grace accrues.
Grace, Mercy, and Favor (Part Three): A Faithful Witness to God's Mercy
Sermon; Given 3/20/2021
God protected Enoch from death so he could teach Noah, providing the godly instruction that Methuselah and Lamech (Noah's grandfather and father) failed to give.
Grace, Mercy, and Favor (Part Two)
Sermonette; Given 2/20/2021
Rather than considering God's calling a badge of righteousness, the child of God must consider it to be a call to action, motivating him to yield and glorify God.
Grace, Mercy, and Favor (Part One): To the Beaten
Sermon; Given 2/6/2021
God's people may fall into the trap of forgetting the sinful past from which God rescued them and come to look disdainfully on those not yet called.
The Measure of a Man in the Completed Canvas
Commentary; Given 1/16/2021
God is the consummate artist, incorporating in His saints what seems to be a random jumble of dot and dashes, consisting of moments spread out on a canvas.
Considered Rather Than Commanded - Choose Life
Sermon; Given 12/19/2020
As God calls His people, He enables them (through His Spirit) to make considered decisions concerning living His way of life by obeying His commandments.
Hear the Word
Sermonette; Given 10/31/2020
We must invest as much energy into understanding the messages as went into preparing them, regardless of the idiosyncrasies of those delivering them.
The Ultimate Gift
Feast of Tabernacles Sermon; Given 10/4/2020
In this heart-to-heart sermon, Mark Schindler observes that the world at large has no clue to what God is doing—creating all people in His image. The Feast of …
Lest We Forget (2020)
Commentary; Given 9/26/2020
Mark Schindler, focuses upon the Separatists who fled to Leyden in 1609, to escape persecution from the Anglican Church, which although broke away politically from the …
Where Do You Belong?
Commentary; Given 8/22/2020
The penchant to seek preferred area codes is like the party spirit in Corinth, in which cliques began to champion leaders and look down on other factions.
It is Done! The Perfect Peace of God
Sermon; Given 8/8/2020
In the peace offering, Christ is the priest, offeror, and offering. Since all parties share the peace offering as a meal, it exemplifies a peaceful communion.
Simple Gifts: American Reflection
Commentary; Given 7/4/2020
Liberty cannot exist without morality, or morality without faith. Today, humanists are destroying God's 'simple gifts' that made America exceptional.
Jabez: a Roadsign of Hope
Sermon; Given 6/6/2020
Jabez is a significant place marker in the lineage of David, and may be David himself. Jabez is an emblem of Christ's restoring the relationship between God and man.
Giving Flows From the Focused Work of God
Sermonette; Given 5/31/2020
If God's people keep their focus upon His purpose for them as outlined by His Holy Days, they will be able to accomplish the work God has given them.
The Right Hand of Fellowship
Commentary; Given 5/9/2020
Bumbling government leaders and misguided health authorities have proven to be the greatest obstacles to resolving the current coronavirus challenge.