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Pagan Holidays

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Repentance: The Elements of Change

A Change of Mind, Heart, and Conduct

Sermonette; #FT04-04s; 18 minutes
Given 01-Oct-04

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Clyde Finklea, focusing on the topic of repentance, a vital necessary prerequisite for entry into God's Kingdom., distinguishes false repentance ( including worldly sorrow- stemming from self pity (as illustrated by Esau's bitter sorrow), penance- attempting to pay for ones faults through self-flagellation, or a one—time event) from true repentance, always coupled with faith, is a continuous turning away from sin, mortifying the flesh, and an active turning toward righteousness in intellectual, emotional (change of heart),and volitional (actual change of the will, conduct, or behavior) dimensions- as is illustrated by the parable of the Prodigal Son and the repentance of David after having committed adultery with Bathsheeba. God actually initiates the process of repentance within us. The apostle Paul suggests that the fruits of repentance involve clearing, indignation, fear, desire, zeal, revenge, and forgiveness. If we fail to forgive others, God is not obligated to forgive us.



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