You Can't Fix Stupid
Commentary; Given 1/23/2021
Clyde Finklea, alluding to Ron White's quips that "You can't fix stupid" and "You can't make this stuff up," focuses on the first action of Speaker …
William Tyndale: The Rest of the Story
Commentary; Given 12/12/2020
Clyde Finklea focuses on the biblical translator William Tyndale, who was born in 1495 in England. He took his master's degree from Oxford University at the age of 21. …
I Desire Mercy and Not Sacrifice
Sermonette; Given 10/4/2020
God defaults in mercy and love Likewise, He calls on His children to default in mercy to those who have stumbled and on those whom He has not yet called.
The Beginning of Sorrows
Sermon; Given 7/18/2020
The "last days" began with Christ's resurrection, when Satan was formally deposed as ruler of earth. God made His kingdom available at that time.
A Dark Cloud on the Horizon
Commentary; Given 5/30/2020
Pope Francis' 2030 agenda calls for a one world Holy Catholic Apostolic Church. The Papacy cast out its net to the evangelicals starting in July of 2014.
Sermon; Given 4/4/2020
God established the weekly Sabbath on the seventh day of Creation; He established His Holy Days (moedim) on the fourth day. These are His appointments.
The Pale Horse (2020)
Commentary; Given 2/22/2020
In the coronavirus, we are seeing at least a type of the prophesied Fourth Horseman, riding his pale green horse of pestilence.
Being Deceived
Sermon; Given 12/21/2019
Christ warned that many would be deceived, though no one ever admits to being deceived. The Bible warns of deceptions from within and without the church.
Seeking A New Home
Sermonette; Given 10/15/2019
We are seeking a permanent dwelling in God's Kingdom. In our on-going sanctification process, we are not yet home, but trudging along the way in our pilgrimage.
Hope and Faith
Sermon; Given 8/3/2019
God requires His people to put their faith in action, giving evidence of their hope, demonstrating godly behavior rather than abrasive carnal behavior.
His Body, His Blood, and His Resurrection
Sermonette; Given 4/20/2019
There are three components to Christ's composite sacrifice for our salvation: His death through the shedding of His blood, His body, and His resurrection.
The Appointed Time of the Resurrection
Sermonette; Given 1/19/2019
The time of Christ's return appears to be soon in the light of recent events. Watch for the gathering of armies around the future capital of the world.
Forget Not All His Benefits
Sermonette; Given 11/24/2018
Clyde Finklea asserts that we as a people should thank God for our nation—a nation in which we have an abundance to eat in an environment of peace. President …
The Millennium Sabbath
Feast of Tabernacles Sermon; Given 9/27/2018
Rather than representing Russia and China, Gog of Magog may be a demon who will be driving the Beast and those who have accepted the mark of the Beast.
The Miraculous Survival of Israel
Commentary; Given 6/16/2018
Clyde Finklea, reflecting on the recent moving of America's embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem, focuses on a prophecy of Rabbi Judah ben Samuel, which history has …
Being a Christian
Sermon; Given 6/2/2018
Micah provides a formula for being a Christian: 1.) Doing justly, 2.) Exercising mercy and 3.) Walking humbly. These demand total commitment, not a pretense.
Loving Your Enemy
Sermonette; Given 12/9/2017
Scripture speaks of helping an enemy and "heaping burning coals of fire on his head." This seems to imply revenge, yet the Hebrew idiom indicates otherwise.
What Makes a True Disciple? (Part Two)
C.G.G. Weekly; Posted 11/17/2017
Love is patient and kind. These are the only two characteristics Paul says love is, defining it positively. What follows is what love does not do.
What Makes a True Disciple? (Part One)
C.G.G. Weekly; Posted 11/10/2017
How does God identify Himself with His disciples today? No miracle manifests itself when He sends His Spirit, but the Spirit begins producing miraculous changes.
From Dust to Glory
Feast of Tabernacles Sermon; Given 10/9/2017
Clyde Finklea, focusing on Psalm 19:1, which proclaims that the heavens (the firmament) proclaim the glory of God, and on Isaiah 6:3 which avers that the entire earth …