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Sacrificing to Build the Temple


Sermonette; #FT04-13s; 19 minutes
Given 07-Oct-04

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In this offertory message, John Reid, again emphasizing the uniqueness of our calling (most people do not know who God is), stresses that we, of all people, should have the most motivation to give an offering. We can give with special understanding. David, in I Chronicles 28 asked for a special offering for the construction of the House of the Lord, an event in which God Almighty was intensely involved. David meticulously prepared for this offering, giving ample quantities of gold, silver, brass, and other precious metals, providing a model for returning thanks to God. Today, we are building a far more magnificent temple than Solomon constructed, namely the spiritual temple of God, the collective Bride of Christ- the temple of God. We build the temple when we contribute toward the Forerunner, the CGG.org church website, Sabbath.org, the Berean Bible study and commentary, bibletools.org, as well as the cache of sermons, Bible studies, and articles lovingly prepared by a comparatively small handful of individuals to feed a spiritually starved world.



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The Berean: Daily Verse and Comment

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