Sixth Commandment
Sixth Commandment

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Fulfilling The Law

Following In Christ's Footsteps

Sermonette; #746s; 17 minutes
Given 12-Nov-05

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David Grabbe, commenting upon the fierce culture war waged between evangelicals on the Christian right and ACLU types on the far left, with public displays of the Ten Commandments placed in jeopardy, points out the inconsistent stance of many mainstream Protestants. It is ironic that many Protestant reformers (including Luther and Calvin), believing that because Christ fulfilled the Law, it is no longer in force. Of all the dictionary definitions of fulfill: (1) make full (2) put into effect (3) Bring to an end (4) Measure up or (5) Bring into Reality, Protestants seem to focus exclusively on the third definition. Because of hatred for the Sabbath Command, many Protestants want to suggest that all of the law is done away. God's Commandment to love God and love one's neighbor includes the Sabbath Commandment. James 2:8-12, a scripture Martin Luther characterized as an epistle of straw, clearly mandated the keeping of all the law in both letter and spirit.



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