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Preparing to be a Faithful Witness

The Lessons of Abel and Enoch

Sermonette; #802s; 16 minutes
Given 25-Nov-06

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David Grabbe reiterates that God does not measure the success of His witnesses by how many people they save. Noah faithfully witnessed before God, but convinced no one outside his immediate family. Abel and Enoch also witnessed faithfully before God. Abel witnessed by a making a sacrifice, showing how we may attain peace with God. Enoch, totally at peace with God and wanting to be like God, learned to walk with God and was translated (transformed to another location) escaping violence. The more we resemble God, the more faithful our witness will be. There is a progression in becoming a faithful, reliable witness before God. God is currently making children that resemble Him.



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The Berean: Daily Verse and Comment

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