Life after Death?
Life after Death?

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'Wait, I Say, on the LORD'

Waiting Produces Patience, Endurance, and Enhances Faith

Sermonette; #831Bs; 18 minutes
Given 27-May-07

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Clyde Finklea, referring to Mark Wheeler's article Hurry Up and Wait, observes that none of us likes to wait. Yet we are continually admonished to wait on the Lord. Often, the context of waiting in the scriptures refers to a prophetic waiting for the Lord. Other aspects of this word means to count the cost, sit in judgment, sit down and pray with others, teaching and being taught, and worshipping. David spent a great deal of his time waiting before he became king. Abraham and Noah spent a great deal of time waiting.God made Jacob wait 14 years to receive his wife. Christians have waited almost 2000 years for the return of Christ. Adam and Eve could not wait to be conformed to God's (Jesus Christ's) image. In times of waiting, Satan wants us to doubt that God's promises will be fulfilled. Waiting on the Lord is good for us because it strengthens our faith and trust in God. In Psalm 27, David declares his intent to wait in faith on the Lord.



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