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sermonette: Eternal Security Particulars

Three Statements Refuted

Given 27-Oct-07; Sermon #852s; 19 minutes

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John Ritenbaugh asserts that the deceptive eternal security doctrine is too good to be true, because it does not tell the rest of the story, and fails to show our part in overcoming and the sanctification problem. The proponents of this insidious doctrine claim there is nothing we have to do; salvation is allegedly already accomplished at justification or deliverance. Actually, the sanctification process has barely begun. The apostle Paul realized that it is possible for a person to terminate or abort this process, giving up on God. Consequently, Paul was concerned that in spite of all his work on behalf of his congregation, they could lose out. Without response to our calling or reciprocity, there is no hope for a relationship with God. If we have given God a cold shoulder, we need to repent of this deficit.



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