Why Hebrews Was Written (Part Nine)
'Personal' Article; Posted 10/19/2020
God has communicated tirelessly with humanity through men and angels. The first chapters of Hebrews displays Christ's superiority over even the angels.
Intensity is Increasing: Are You Listening?
Feast of Tabernacles Sermon; Given 10/10/2020
It is far more important for God's called-out ones to be ready than to know the time of Christ's return, an event to which even He is not privy.
The Talking Blood
Feast of Tabernacles Sermon; Given 10/3/2020
Christ admonishes His people to prepare for difficult times by cultivating a close relationship with their Savior. Apart from Christ, we can do nothing.
Trumpets Is a Day of Hope
Sermon; Given 9/19/2020
We are on the threshold of the greatest period of testing ever to come upon mankind. We need a sense of hope and faith to stay focused on our calling.
Hebrews 2: A Mind Bending Purpose (Part 2)
Sermon; Given 8/22/2020
John Ritenbaugh reiterates five pitfalls threatening the salvation of God's called-out ones: 1.) either one makes continuous efforts to bear spiritual fruit or he …
Why Hebrews Was Written (Part Eight): Hebrews 1
'Personal' Article; Posted 8/9/2020
Hebrews 1 delivers a knock-out punch to skeptics like many first-century Jews who claimed He falls short in qualifying as our High Priest and Savior.
Five Easily Neglected Doctrines
Sermon; Given 8/1/2020
Here are five easily neglected doctrines, which, if carelessly observed or distorted, could jeopardize the salvation of God's people.
Hebrews (Part Fourteen): Chapter 2, A Mind Bending Purpose (Part Three)
Sermon; Given 6/27/2020
Without a meaningful relationship with Christ, God's people cannot possibly bear fruit. Our responsibility is to yield to God's creative work in our lives.
Why Hebrews Was Written (Part Seven)
'Personal' Article; Posted 6/4/2020
The epistle of Hebrews is so vital to Christians in the first century and now because it explains the unique place and power of Christianity's High Priest.
Wilderness Wanderings (Part Three) - Handpicked Children
Sermon; Given 5/31/2020
God has allowed carnal nature to remain in His people so He can determine whether they seriously want to defeat the downward pulls of the flesh.
Wilderness Wanderings (Part Two)
Sermon; Given 4/15/2020
The spiritual journey of God's people is more difficult than the physical one of the ancient Israelites, requiring as it does more resources to navigate.
Wilderness Wanderings (Part One)
Sermon; Given 4/9/2020
Israel's trek was not only a physical journey, but a mental wandering caused by rejecting God's leadership. The potential to sin is a test of resolve.
Hebrews (Part Thirteen): Chapter 2, A Mind-Bending Purpose (Part Two)
Sermon; Given 3/14/2020
The Jewish converts to the Way, although having had the benefit of Messianic prophecies, did not recognize the powerful significance of Psalm 8.
Why Hebrews Was Written (Part Six)
'Personal' Article; Posted 3/10/2020
American culture is in obvious decline, and it is undoubtedly linked to the fact that mainstream Christianity is bereft of moral leadership. While it may turn around, …
Socialism is Mob Rule (Part Two)
Commentary; Given 2/29/2020
Many religious people realize that liberals threaten adherence to the moral principles taught in God's Word, and that Satan is the poster child of liberalism.
Socialism is Mob Rule
Commentary; Given 1/25/2020
Socialism is a denial of law, resulting in the masses to plundering the productive. When agitators convince people of their victimhood, they unleash mob rule.
Hebrews (Part Twelve): Chapter 2, A Mind-Bending Purpose (Part One)
Sermon; Given 1/18/2020
To counteract complacency, Hebrews warns against neglecting God's invitation of salvation, which He does not guarantee until sanctification has run its course.
Dancing With the Devil's World
Commentary; Given 12/28/2019
Unlike most Millennials, obsessed with acceptance by their peers, Jesus did not mind being a loner because He loved the things His Father taught.
A Simple Recap
Sermon; Given 12/14/2019
Most of the attrition from the truth stems from losing interest. Drifting away is rarely intentional, but the result of choosing to live carnally.
A Search for a Singular Truth (Part One)
Commentary; Given 11/23/2019
A political party has the trappings of a religion, trying to get adherents to their beliefs and ideas. America is being torn apart by two false religions.