Three Missing Kings (Part Two)
'Personal' Article; Posted 7/27/2021
Joash, Amaziah, and Uzziah, all kings of Judah, shared a common, spiritually deadly characteristic that kept them from being listed in Christ's genealogy.
Wandering or Pilgrimage?
Sermon; Given 7/24/2021
Nominal 'Christianity' has done a grave disservice to biblical understanding by describing the Exodus and the Israelite's subsequent journey to Canaan as a …
The Wilderness Trek and Judgment Begins
Sermon; Given 6/26/2021
God's people must learn to trust Him for their survival, remembering that the eating of Unleavened Bread is a reminder that only God has the power to rescue.
Three Missing Kings (Part One)
'Personal' Article; Posted 6/7/2021
Jesus Christ's genealogy in Matthew's gospel leaves out three kings. But which ones are excluded, and what does their absence teach us?
Unleavened Bread and the Holy Spirit (Part Two)
Sermon; Given 5/23/2021
Our exodus from the bondage of sin begins and ends with God. He commanded Israel to mark their escape with unleavened bread because of what He did.
Unleavened Bread and the Holy Spirit (Part One)
Sermon; Given 5/1/2021
God's command to eat unleavened bread teaches that He rescued His people from the bondage of sin, something they had no power to accomplish of themselves.
Why Hebrews Was Written (Part Twelve): The Son's Superiority Over Angels
'Personal' Article; Posted 4/13/2021
Some Jews among the early converts believed that Jesus Christ did not qualify to be the church's High Priest, considering angels to be greater and holier.
Patriotism, the Summer Soldier, and Our Times (Part Two)
Sermon; Given 4/3/2021
In terms of patriotism to God's Kingdom, Jesus set the standard higher than anyone else, sacrificing His life for everyone, even before the Father called them.
Patriotism, the Summer Soldier, and Our Times (Part One)
Sermon; Given 3/28/2021
Jesus Christ was not a sunshine patriot, but sacrificed everything He had for the sake of God's people and the Kingdom of God—His holy nation.
Hebrews 2: God Is Present
Sermon; Given 2/20/2021
God's people must immerse themselves daily in the Scriptures. While sinning Israelites consider God to be absent, He is nevertheless present with His saints.
Why Was Hebrews Written? (Part Eleven): God Is Not Silent
'Personal' Article; Posted 2/16/2021
Christians must seek God Himself and truly listen to what He says in His Word. Only then will they have the heart of wisdom to deal with today's challenges.
Hebrews as a Sermon (Part Two)
Sermon; Given 1/16/2021
God designed the sermon of Hebrews to motivate God's people, who are going through the same turmoil as those living in 65 AD, facing persecution from society.
Why Hebrews Was Written (Part Ten): Christianity's Claims
'Personal' Article; Posted 12/7/2020
Here are twelve claims that the Father, the Son, and Their way of life make upon humanity, giving mankind no excuse for its failure to respond to God.
Hebrews as a Sermon (Part One)
Sermon; Given 12/5/2020
Even as Hebrews prepared the first century church for persecution, so it is also relevant to today's church as it faces an increasing assault on God's law.
The Talking Blood (Part Two)
Sermon; Given 11/7/2020
God the Father does not take the minimization of His Son's sacrifice lightly, as some Protestant theologians imply with their cheap grace doctrine.
Why Hebrews Was Written (Part Nine)
'Personal' Article; Posted 10/19/2020
God has communicated tirelessly with humanity through men and angels. The first chapters of Hebrews displays Christ's superiority over even the angels.
Intensity is Increasing: Are You Listening?
Feast of Tabernacles Sermon; Given 10/10/2020
It is far more important for God's called-out ones to be ready than to know the time of Christ's return, an event to which even He is not privy.
The Talking Blood (Part One)
Feast of Tabernacles Sermon; Given 10/3/2020
Christ admonishes His people to prepare for difficult times by cultivating a close relationship with their Savior. Apart from Christ, we can do nothing.
Trumpets Is a Day of Hope
Sermon; Given 9/19/2020
We are on the threshold of the greatest period of testing ever to come upon mankind. We need a sense of hope and faith to stay focused on our calling.
Hebrews (Part Fifteen): Chapter 2, A Mind Bending Purpose (Part Four)
Sermon; Given 8/22/2020
Even though we must cooperate in cultivating spiritual fruit, God alone creates character and takes responsibility for creating spiritual offspring.