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The Choice Is Yours!

The Law of Increase

Sermonette; #854s; 17 minutes
Given 10-Nov-07

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Martin Collins recounts a story of a ship engine that failed, but was later repaired by an old mechanic who knew "where to tap" with a hammer. He submitted a bill for $10,000: $2.00 for tapping with a hammer, and $9,998 for knowing where to tap. If we do not actively increase our fund of knowledge, we will lose what we already have. God expects us to be good stewards of the knowledge He has given us, continually using this knowledge to increase it; if we do not use this knowledge we will lose it. In using knowledge or God's gifts, we can not stand still; we must move forward or we will spiritually atrophy and wither. As Timothy was admonished to stir up the Holy Spirit, we must also stir up the gifts God has placed within us. The more we train our bodies, the more they will be able to do. The best things in life require effort and sacrifice. Experience is not what happens to a person; it is what a person does with what has happened to him.



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