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Gideon's Snare

Making Right Choices

Sermonette; #860s; 19 minutes
Given 22-Dec-07

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Martin Collins contends that everyone who has been called and begins to read the Bible has to make decisions. When it comes to spiritual decisions, the consequences can be far more devastating than physical choices. Our choices are made on the basis of what we serve-God or some sort of idol. The Christmas season, syncretizing pagan winter solstice customs with the name of Christianity, provides a choice of obeying God or idolatry (embracing and serving unauthorized worldly customs). At one time Gideon compromised his otherwise exemplary relationship with God by making an ephod (idolatrous medallion), subjecting Israel to punishment for breach of the marital covenant between Israel and God, cursing his family and people. We have to be careful we do not add idolatrous customs in our worship of God, relying only on God's word for our guidance in worship.



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