God's Law
God's Law

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An Offering, Sanctification and Atonement

God Expects Offerings as Part of His Way

Sermonette; #905s; 14 minutes
Given 09-Oct-08

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In this offertory message, John Ritenbaugh, acknowledging that many of us are slaves of economic fears, reminds us that according to the reciprocity principle, we will reap what we sow; if we sow in fear, we will reap fear, but if we sow in faith, trust, and love, we will reap spiritual and physical abundance. Expectations determine cause and effect results. Stinginess begets penury, but liberality begets abundance. In a true story, a Japanese farmer saved his village from a tidal wave by burning his crop while the villagers saved their lives by trying to save the farmer's crop. Sacrificial giving yields bountiful blessings.



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